With the bombardment in technology, many issues and daily tasks are now being eradicated and completed on the finger tips using many tech-savvy devices. As a matter of fact, security and safety of kids has also been assured by the technology. Today, you no longer have to worry about you kid making it to the school from home, and back-forth. You no longer have to worry when you reach an intersection, wanting you to choose one of the two roads. Thanks to car GPS! You no longer have to worry about your car being stolen, because of car tracking devices. Let’s look at a couple of popular tracking apps:

GPS Tracker

GPS tracking app does an amazing work in replacing those panic of a few minutes when your child gets late from the school or when you can’t find your loved ones. This innovations incorporates easy functionality, which you can use to know the whereabouts of your family. Not only GPS tracker tells you the precise location of your friends, but also sends you the direction to reach there efficiently. It currently has 5 star rating, which concludes only one thing in particular is that it is doing a great job in addressing issues most people worry about. Furthermore, many reviews recommend GPS Tracker  as an amazing way to check if your family member of friends have reached safely and timely. In fact, you can install it in your phone for any unfortunate accidents.

Live Tracker

This location and vehicle tracker allows you to get the exact location of your family members and friends in real time. This advanced piece of technology is an ideal way to tell your family and friends about the trips you are on, thus reassuring them your safety, and providing them the feel that you are with them. If you are a blogger who loves to travel, GPSWOX has a functionality that lets you integrate the map of the place you are visiting with your website. IT has amazing safety protection, which means no one can access it without your permission or consent. Every time someone sneak into the app to look into where all you went, you will be notified prior to that. Read reviews on Google about the app. Besides, try using it, and you will be happy with the results.

Geography Tracker 

All those having love for outing, backpacking, and adrenaline-rushing sports, Geo TRacker is a perfect app for you that have ground-breaking surprise and work excellently as a perfect GPS tracker for vehicles and locations. This app help you loosing directions while traveling, and allows you to look back on the route step by step, including the ability to keep track of the landmark points throughout your journey. In fact, Geo Tracker is used by many competitive hikers to calculate their minimum and maximum altitude, ascent, average speed, vertical distance, overall time, and varying speed. If you are also one of the hikers, this device can cater to your needs. Plus, it allows you to post your trekking achievements on social media sites to let your loved ones see.

Another advantage of this tracker is its ability to record data even when the phone is off. You no longer have to worry about saving the data during long journeys as the GPS tracker documents your progress. Besides, this free cell phone tracking app prevents your phone from being stolen. Read its reviews on Google to know better about it.

Mobile Phone Tracker!

Mobile phone tracking app has been growing in the popularity among parents, and many other users who are worried about their phones being stolen. Cell Phone tracker provides you the best way to keep a track of your phone, keep a track of our family members and keep a track of your vehicles. All you need to do is install the app for free. As soon as you have downloaded the car GPS tracker in your phone, you can access tracking of your vehicle, your family and your mobile phone. Parents can set alerts using the app so as to receive notifications as soon as their children reached school or sport complex.


Mobile phone tracking apps have allowed us to keep a track of our children, and many other day-to-day activities. They give us the opportunity to update our social network with the latest adventures and etc. It’s the best thing a mobile can have!

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