Chatbots In Education: An Asset For Students And Teachers

by Dan

Mobile phones have been a common classroom enemy for a long time, making teachers ban and even confiscate them in classes. However, teachers have realized that mobile phones can actually help students enhance their learning and education, so that started encouraging their use. Of course, they don’t encourage IM chit-chat, but rather the use of game-changing artificially intelligent conversational tools –chatbots.

Chatbots, powered by AI, can personalize the learning environment and completely revolutionize education. They are no longer reserved only for ecommerce, customer service, hospitality, and other customer-focused industries, as they can now help students improve collaboration and interaction, providing them with invaluable guidance throughout their education and essentially helping them learn.

Here are five crucial ways in which AI-powered chatbots are transforming education and why every educational institution should implement them into their classrooms.

Better Student Support

Chatbots can have a huge positive impact when it comes to student support, as they can be programmed to answer any question students may have and improve their educational experience. They can provide them with all the necessary information regarding their courses, libraries, scholarships, apprenticeships, fees, faculty and hostel facilities, and so much more.

They can serve as campus guides, helping students instantly get all the information they need. Otherwise, they would need to constantly ask someone from the staff, or send emails and wait for a reply. If they need some information in the middle of the night, chatbots can be there to offer a helping hand, as they are available 24/7.

Chatbots can be designed to answer all the possible questions that students may have. For instance, if a student asks how to apply for a particular program, how to improve their GPA, or what to do if they missed an exam, a chatbot can instantly give them the relevant information. That kind of student support is truly invaluable.

Teaching Assistant

Chatbots can also serve as very efficient virtual teaching assistants. They can seamlessly handle all the repetitive tasks that teachers have, such as grading various assignments. They are capable of doing such tasks with utmost accuracy because they are powered by artificial intelligence. As such, they can save teachers a great deal of time that they can fully focus on providing their students with excellent learning experiences.

AI-driven chatbots can also recommend content, set learning goals, monitor the learning progress and the performance of students, and provide personalized feedback. They can proactively assist every learner, thereby analyzing their learning style and individual needs, so that they can provide personalized feedback and the most relevant content and recommendations.

Feedback can also be provided the other way around. An AI chatbot can ask students to give feedback on a particular course and recommend ways in which it could be improved. The bot can then analyze the feedback and facilitate effective teaching, helping teachers improve the course and bring more value to the students.

Improves Student Engagement

Engaging students can be very difficult nowadays, as they are completely immersed in a number of social platforms and instant messaging apps. They have short attention spans and engaging them in the classroom has become quite a challenge.

This is also an instance where chatbots can help, as they can be used to deliver knowledge via all those messaging apps. Teachers can use an omni-channel platform to deploy an educational chatbot on all the channels that students are already using, providing necessary help where students are.

That way, they can broadcast relevant messages and seamlessly communicate with students. In turn, students won’t have to rely on emails and various online portals to get the information they need, but rather simply start a conversation with a bot on any preferred platform, getting an instant response, no matter the time of day.

AI Makes the Experience Seamless

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence make the learning experience seamless because they can actually draw context from all their conversations. They can fully understand what they are being asked and provide meaningful and relevant responses.

This is all because of NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and machine learning. Chatbots powered by an impeccable AI system that allows users to apply machine learning to their NLP models can really understand what people are saying and respond accordingly.

Because of AI, chatbots can also sift through huge amounts of data in seconds and instantly provide answers. They can also interact simultaneously with hundreds of users so, when it comes to educational purposes, no student needs to wait to get the help they need, and they will always receive relevant answers.

Therefore, combining the best AI with a chatbot can really make all the difference. SnatchBot is an omnichannel bot-building platform that I personally highly recommend, as it comes with a very powerful AI system. It enables users to create their own AI chatbot for free and seamlessly deploy it on any communication channel they want.

Up-to-Date Information on Curriculum and Schedules

With chatbots at their disposal, students can always stay up-to-date with information regarding their curricula and various course schedules. They can request information on various deadlines, research papers, essay topics and anything else related to their education.

Chatbots can also be programmed to send reminders and notifications about important due dates when it comes to both academic and financial matters so that students never miss anything important. They never have to worry about missing deadlines, and teachers can rest assured that their students are always in the loop.

Chatbots driven by AI are increasingly being implemented by educational institutions, as they can truly change the game and facilitate exceptional experiences for students. Education is definitely undergoing a revolution and we are certainly yet to witness more ways in which AI chatbots will impact education and transform both teaching and learning.

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