While commuting in new city, you can find cabs as easiest way to roam around. Taxi service providers like uber and Ola will give you option to book taxi ride via their mobile app. You can choose your destination and pickup point for faster and easy transporting. Travelling inn big city via any of these cabs will help you to save your time and money.

If you are transporting from cab ride booked from smartphone app, it is necessary to know some things which will help you to rate selected taxi service. Usually, Taxi service providers train their Here, I am listing some points which will help you determine is this cab is good cab?

Driver should be polite


It is very frustrating for any passenger to travel with rude cab driver. Rude cab drivers spoils your experience of travelling in new city. A good taxi driver knows how to communicate in good way to his passenger. If he is communicating is a wise manner, it will make your journey happier and comfortable.

He must be a good conversationalist

A good cab driver is a man who knows how to start the conversation in healthy way. Some taxi drivers look very happy. This is their way of communicating with the mind of passengers. They can go deep with you in conversations and make you feel comfortable in their cab.

Should Know all places and landmarks

When you are new in city, it is very hectic for you to find exact route to your destination. You can select your destination and pickup point while booking a cab via smartphone app, but if your cab driver doesn’t know the exact way to your destination, it will be more hectic for you. So, a good cab driver is the one who is native to the place and knows every place and landmarks.

Taxi should be clean

It is definite that you’ll not love any bad taxi which stinks when you enter in it. A clean taxi with good freshener will make journey happier, fragrant and comfortable. A good cab driver knows which freshener to use and how to keep his taxi clean. In short, he knows what hygiene is.

Follows the rules

Follows the rules

A good taxi driver is quick to reach at pickup time and drives you to your destination. Also, he knows all traffic rules in city and follows them too. A driver who follows all traffic rules and laws will definitely drive you safely to destination without any difficulties.

Booking a taxi for commuting in city will lower down your confusion. Taxi services provides you the best taxis for commuting in the city. It is necessary for you to get good taxi after booking it from mobile app of the provider. You can check above points and also the other ridesharing apps as to when you get into the taxi and rate it according to behaviour of cab driver. Above points determines what good cab driver looks like. You can follow these points to know which good cab service is so you can choose the best service next time.

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