Watching television is the favorite pastime world-round. In fact, the average person spends 4 hours a day watching TV or some sort of visual media. This means that an average person spends 1500 hours a year consuming some sort of visual media. This does not even include the additional period of time we spend on social media. This reflects on how much our society enjoys digital entertainment.

With this huge boom in digital media consumption, there has been a huge wave of disruption as well. In a normal setting, you would go to your television and use a Cable TV or Dish TV service to watch whatever content is currently being aired. You would be stuck watching whatever the channel providers decide to air on that particular day and have no say in which content will be aired at what time.

There are a few services like On Demand and DVR, but they generally only hold a small selection of content that is usually time sensitive. Which makes them generally ineffective. Not to mention that they generally require a constant connection to the internet and usually have heavy fees associated with them.


Now imagine, being able to watch all your favorite TV Shows and Movies whenever and wherever you are. There are no restrictions as to how much content you can watch and it is available in a timely manner. To make it even better all you need is a phone and an internet connection to use be able to do all this. This is what digital streaming services are now offering to the consumers. Digital streaming has become an extremely popular alternative for media consumption, of late. The simplicity of streaming makes these streaming services extremely popular and like able.

While this may sound too good to be true, Movie Box makes this into reality. All you have to do is download the app to your computer, iPhone, or Android phone and start enjoying the extensive amount of content Movie Box has to offer. The app has no registration or login process and provides direct access to a huge library of TV Shows and movies. This makes it accessible to even the most novice users.


One of the many great features of this application is the ability to download content and save it for offline viewing. This is an extremely practical feature for those individuals who are constantly on the move and have a crazy schedule. These individuals generally do not have option to dedicate time to watch TV Shows and movies when they are aired on television. This feature gives them the freedom to watch all their favorite content without having to compromise their busy schedules.


This app is feature rich and allows users to select the quality of the video as well, a feature that is generally not given by streaming services. So if you decide that you do not want to waste your mobile data by watching a TV show in full HD, you could select an option that you be more suitable to your viewing needs.


This app is taking a step in the correct direction, towards the disruption in the way we consume our media and it is an absolute certainty that it will be the future of how we consume our media.

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