Most companies are taking to social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and YouTube – to hone their online presence and talk about sustainability than ever before. Social media campaigns have; therefore, attracted much attention from businesses that want to engage their audiences, get new ideas and active dialogue with the stakeholders that are hard to reach in the world outside the internet.

While many are venturing into social media marketing, statistics shows that only a small percent succeed. This creates a big question: can you sustain your business with right social media campaign? Is this cake worth the candle?

The answer is yes. Yes, you can sustain your business with social media campaigns. How? Well, by using the right ones.

What is the right social media campaign for my business?

Social media communication concept

A large number of businesses is failing to gather fruits from their social media campaigns because they use the wrong ones. Then when can you get the right one and escape failure?

When you understand your business, brand, and resources– knowing the type of business your company is will help you in choosing the right social media network.

When you set your goals clearly – this helps you to measure your success. What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? Additionally you will identify the behavior you want to drive to your audience. Maybe you want to increase brand advocacy and loyalty or brand awareness. Whichever the case, set you goals.

When you understand the buying behavior and personas of your audience – this helps you identify what they need and how they want it. Know who your potential and existing customers are. Are they young people, aged, female, male?

When you learn the type of content your audience like – do they like written content, videos, images? This will help you decide between a blog, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.

When you know the people scrambling for the same cake that you are – know the people who compete against you. Know what they are doing and what they are not doing. How are they doing what they are doing? Learn all there is to learn about them. Then organize your defense and attack.

When you learn about your geographicWhen you learn about your geographic If you are running a social media campaign, learn what is the most popular social media network in your targeted geographic. For instance, if you are targeting Japan, you want to trend on the paths of twitter and if your target is China, add WeChat, Weibo, and QZone in your arsenal.

Let us learn from example – a case of General Electric (GE)

I laughed when my friend joked about GE being the “most exciting boring brand.” What an oxymoron! It makes boring something to invite in your home thanks to their social media strategies.

The success in GE is in their effort to create an educational, playful and informative personal on the social media. The company’s campaign is focused on engaging the community and brand awareness. This makes GE the book example of a company that has sustained their business with social media campaigns.

What make them stick?

Their tagline, “Imagination at Work”.

The company has gone beyond their products and right at their audiences and customers doorsteps. They have redefined the meaning of dull into engaging and interactive videos and images.

Essentially, you can sustain your business with a right social media campaign. The right social media strategy is the one that fits your business.


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