Can Mozilla truly survive the OS market with the new Firefox OS ? It’s not even a question of competition, which is of course a large factor in this entire affair. It is genuinely about survival, with or without the OS? In what was its mainstay as a Browser, Mozilla has found competition with Chrome, Explorer, Safari and a ton of other browsers which are preferred above it, not necessarily because they’re better but because they’re more popular. To step up its game, Mozilla has decided to venture into a field which is already so crowded and it may not be a good move.

A lot of European and South American companies seem to backing the project, like Deutsche Telekon, Etisalat, Telecom Italia and others, but does that necessarily mean that Mozilla has a real chance. The OS platform is held by the iOS and the Android. Windows has recently joined the bandwagon. What does Mozilla really have to offer among all these experts who have been in the field longer and who probably will crush it before it even has time to take off?

Being skeptical, not a lot. Although we are always rooting for the underdog, this move is very controversial. What Mozilla is essentially trying to do is make an OS which helps the makers of entry level smart phones. On the outset, a great project, even altruistic if that is the perspective you want to look at it from. But how viable is it, even for the very people it is aimed at?

To begin with, if you’re a developer for smart phones, what are the chances you will pick Mozilla? Mozilla has no benefit of a large, already working network which can help a new developed. It does not have an app store where the developer can hope to make some money by hosting apps. It has no set structure meant for the developer to monetize their product. Why would someone choose Mozilla over say, Android, when that is already so well established that everyone knows about it? It’d be difficult to find a vendor to sell the product, because let’s admit it; the vendor is out to make profit too, which is already really small even on well established structures of operating systems like the Android.

We’re interested to see how this experiment goes on, but at the cost of sounding pessimistic, we don’t see a high chance of survival. Blackberry has already fallen in the competition and this is after having a monopoly. How much chance does a newbie have?

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