Can Cable TV Survive The 5G Wireless Threat?

We live in an era of technological advancement where we see budding technologies making an impact in different areas of industries and businesses. The telecommunication industry has observed many advancements in terms of technology and infrastructure. The cable industry has been in the game for a long time and has a massive number of subscribers everywhere. 

The fact that most of the reputable cable TV providers like Spectrum TV, for instance, offer cable internet and phone services as well. You can bundle up the cable TV service with cable internet and/or phone service to save a good amount of money while avoiding the inconvenience of managing multiple bills. We observe that the bundle offers and transmission of the live broadcast are some of the areas where cable TV seems to have an edge over the newer technologies like online streaming services that seem to be penetrating in the market and causing an increase in the cord-cutting graph.

Recently we have seen a surge of wireless 5G that seems to be a potential threat to the cable companies. With the cable companies enticing the users with their triple play offers, trends seem to be changing and now we see lesser houses in need of a landline. 


The cable companies owners do not seem to be very worried as they feel that their infrastructure is equipped to deliver broadband services ideally to the residential areas with better coverage throughout. The cable industry does realize the capacity of 5G wireless to provide lightning-fast speeds but the availability of required infrastructure, better coverage, and costs are some of the prominent challenges that lie in the success of 5G wireless networks.

Cord Cutting Factor

As more users seem to be making a switch from cable TV to internet-connected TV services like Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and others, the cable industry is experiencing a drop as a whole. This is a bigger threat for cable companies as compared to the 5G mania right now. The owners believe that 5G has very limited coverage that might be one of the limiting reasons for it to be a game-changer and take over the market. 

Slower Adoption

5G wireless technology is like a constellation of improvements and promises for a better user experience. This newer technology will take its time to spread across and be adopted by the masses. It can succeed and even change the TV experience for the viewers. But all this is going to take its time and cable companies are pushing to hold their position in the industry by providing better packages, more impressive customer support service, and lower rates. 

Earlier, cable companies would not pay much attention to customer support, knowing that viewers do not have any reliable alternative to TV watching. But the situation has changed and with many robust TV-watching options and faster broadband speeds available to the users, cable companies are now focussed on providing an effective customer support experience. 

Cost Matters

For 5G wireless to complete or replace the cable broadband providers it needs to provide superfast speeds at a lower cost. For now, cable companies seem to have an edge over the cost factor since many of them offer high-speed broadband at discount rates in the form of bundle offers. 5G wireless would have to be more budget-friendly for making its way to every home in America. 

Concluding Remarks

5G wireless technology has many dazzling hopes and promises in terms of rocket speeds, convenience, coverage, and user experiences. It has all the potential to be a trendsetter and take the telecommunication industry to a new level. However, its adoption, penetration, widespread availability, and affordability are some of the areas where more attention and effort is being made. Thus the cable companies seem to be pushing at their end to be able to cope with the rising competition. Though they do not seem to be much worried about the 5G technology taking over immediately and causing the death of cable. 

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