Watch the ultimate balancing act as professional barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge demonstrates the One Foot One Hand technique. It is all about picking up one side and letting go with the opposite side. The pull is what balances you and lets you do something really cool. You have to check this video out! Afterwards, you can start looking into purchasing yourself a drone where Keith St. Onge balancing act is put to the test in the air. If you are amazed at this world champion barefoot water skier then you will go nuts when you learn how to fly your very own drone. But before you run out there and immediately buy one of these beauties there are a few important things that you need to consider. Purchasing a drone is not the same as purchasing a remote-control car or airplane.

Doing your homework is key prior to buying that new drone. According to a drone article, every year more and more people are buying drones and or giving drones as gifts.However, a drone is not like most traditional RC vehicles. In another article, it advises that drone owners need to register their drones with The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Why do drones have to be registered? Because the FAA classifies all drones as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Not only that but you will have to adhere to the FAA guidelines such as not flying it out of sight, not flying any more than 400 feet above the ground and not flying within a five-mile radius of an airport.

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