Let’s take a look at the typical workflow of a maintenance organization:

  1. An equipment operator, a customer or a contractor would submit maintenance work request.
  2. A maintenance staff will receive the request, who will review it for authenticity.
  3. He will then assigns a technician for the task.
  4. The technician will complete the task and will manually file a report, mentioning the details of his work.

It’s seems a lot simple and straightforward, right? What do you think will happen, when numerous such requests are received every single day? How do you think the facility manager will be able to keep track of every single task and everyone who is assigned to it? How do you check on the progress of the repair work at client’s site? The answer is. It’s not that simple, though it might seem so on the outset.

This is exactly the reason why maintenance organizations should rethink how they carry out their business, so that they can improve efficiency and resource allocation while staying on top of maintaining and managing their customers’ assets.

A well rounded CMMS system (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) will be able to offer an intuitive interface, that will help them to manage and organize all the necessary maintenance tasks and track individual maintenance request orders, while reporting real time progress as and when you need it.

We will look at certain scenarios where using a CMMS might come in handy in your maintenance workflow.

When a Work Request is Unattended

Sometimes, it becomes a lot more difficult to stay on top of all maintenance orders you receive from client side. CMMS can help you out with it. When requests are left unattended for a long time due to inefficiency, they will become full blown crisis. These scenarios can be easily prevented if there are efficient asset management software in place, which would efficiently assign tasks based on priority and capacity, so you need not burden yourself on the decision making process.

Unscheduled, Preventive  Maintenance Tasks

Oftentimes, many organisations fail to schedule, planned maintenance tasks in the frenzy of maintenance activities happening around them. For example, a planned visit for the regular maintenance of the HVAC system in a client’s cooling system includes gauging the liquid levels of various equipments, forklift maintenance and so on. If these maintenance tasks are not scheduled properly, then it will lead to unnecessary delays and sometimes whole processes could be missed out. With the help of efficient CMMS software, the facility manager will be able informed when a previously planned maintenance is not scheduled.

Irregularity in the Dispatching of Work Orders

It is one thing to receive work orders, but a whole different thing to assign a technician to the task. If there is delay in the process, it will lead to delay in the overall completion time of the task. It is mainly due to the fact that tasks are manually assigned to technicians. With the help of CMMS, the whole process is done instantly in a matter of seconds based on various parameters and the concerned technician is notified of the work order through either text or email.

Falling Back on Schedule

When technicians rely on manual reporting systems, the whole process could take a lot of time, negatively affecting their workflow. In a manual reporting system, the management would receive the complete update on maintenance status a little later and hence it would affect the next stages of the process. With CMMS, technicians will be able to easily update the current status and queries regarding the task in a matter of seconds, right from their device.

If you think you’ve faced similar problems in the past, it’s high time that you make a move to a CMMS system to help you function a lot more effectively at a reduced cost and rate of errors. View this website here if you find your company falling into debt. They can help you get back on track while moving over to a CMMS system.

I hope this article was useful for you to learn about CMMS technology. If you have any doubts with regards to this, let us know through the comments and we will be glad to help you out. If you have any suggestions regarding how we can improve the article, let us know them through the comments as well for us to improve.

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