BSV Hackathon Promotes Developer Confidence

Blockchain is emerging as an innovative technology that serves to improve the world’s existing systems and processes that will allow developers to create next-generation products and services. But since blockchain is still a relatively unexplored technology, developers are hesitant to build on it. In order to fully harness its powerful capabilities, it is important for developers to learn about it in order to gain the confidence to innovate; and this is why the BSV Hackathon was created.

“Developer education is a key component of the work we do at Bitcoin Association and one of the most exciting ways to incentivize developers to learn how to build applications on BSV is through competition such as our BSV Hackathons Previous participants have used BSV Hackathons as a springboard to venture investment, turning their competition projects into real-world businesses,” Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said.

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organization pushing for the enterprise adoption of the BSV blockchain, has launched the BSV Hackathon in 2019 in order to provide developers with the education, experience and confidence to build blockchain-based applications. It is a competition where entrants are given a specific time and theme to create platforms on the BSV blockchain. Participants are also given the opportunity to consult with experts from nChain, the leading provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

“There is no better entry point for developers into the Bitcoin SV ecosystem than the BSV Hackathons. With a huge cash prize at stake and expert support from nChain staff at the ready, BSV Hackathons are a great opportunity to test new ideas, try new techniques and learn how to leverage the blockchain in new and unique ways. The standard of entry has been higher and higher with every iteration of the competition, so I’m looking forward to seeing the entries
from all around the world in what I’m sure will be our most competitive Bitcoin SV Hackathon to date,” nChain CTO Steve Shadders said.

This year, the fourth BSV Hackathon focuses on peer-to-peer applications as the theme—not limited to just payments—with a six-week coding period that runs from June 14 to July 26. Whether as individuals or teams, interested parties are allowed to register until the end of the coding period on July 26, 12PM (GMT). As part of the peer-to-peer applications for final
submission, participants are required to use the SPV Channels service, as well as interact with the BSV network through its Merchant API (mAPI).

“We’re extremely excited for the start of the 4th edition of our BSV Hackathon today, which will challenge participants to leverage the unique peer-to-peer functionalities of the BSV blockchain and the massive scaling capabilities it facilitates. Previous iterations of the competition have seen the launch of innovative new applications and services for the BSV network, including those who have gone on to receive venture investment and become fully-fledged businesses. I anticipate that this edition will be no different and look forward to seeing the high-quality entries we’ve come to expect from entrants in our BSV Hackathons,” Nguyen commented.

At the end of the coding period, a panel of judges composed of professionals and experts from various industries, will choose three finalists. These finalists will then have the opportunity to present live at the next CoinGeek Conference, which will be held in October. This time, the prize pool is bigger than ever at $100,000. First place will be awarded $50,000, while second and third will get $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

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