Bring Your Sales Team Online With Live Chat

by Dan

Anyone who has spent time on the showroom floor of an auto dealership knows there’s an enormous difference between providing a customer with reading material about a vehicle and discussing the same information in person. Of course, the major disadvantage of a pamphlet is that it can’t listen to the needs of the customer or respond instantly to their questions.

Too often, dealership websites work more like a pamphlet and struggle to bring the element of human interaction online. If your website only offers photos and text, then you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities available for putting your sales team to work online.

Live chat software may be the most versatile tool available to an auto dealership online. This one tool enhances a website beyond mere advertising and transforms it into an interactive platform. A live chat service allows sales professionals to interact with customers, build leads, and create an online marketing strategy for the long-term. Here are some of the most effective features of live chat software:

Jump Into Chat

Whenever a member of your sales team becomes available, they can join chat sessions with operators who are already in discussion with potential customers. Inviting a sales professional to join the conversation is one of the greatest benefits of using dealer chat software because it enables them to provide direct information on vehicle models, to keep customers up-to-date with new promotions, and to offer on-the-spot incentives. Customers will feel respected and well-treated when they have access to online conversations with actual sales people.

Live Video Chat

Video chat is one of the most essential features you can implement in live chat software. Nothing can compare to one-on-one interactions when it comes to auto sales. Video chat allows your sales team to put their skills to work on the web, so that your dealership can make the most of the online market. It also gives the customer a chance to introduce themselves to members of the sales team.

Whisper to Operators

Along with taking part in conversations with customers, your sales team will be able to send private messages to and from live chat operators. This strategy guarantees that the customer gets accurate and up-to-date information without crowding the conversation with too many voices. The whisper feature can also be used to generate better leads, tailored specifically to the advice of the sales team.

Push Offers and Book Appointments

With a live chat service, operators will work side-by-side with your sales team to push offers and incentives directly from the dealership. The potential for instant communication means that offers can be crafted on the spot to suit the specific needs of the customer. When you’re chatting live, it‘s also much easier to invite a customer to the dealership for a set appointment.

If your website doesn’t offer the latest online services, it can be difficult to keep customers from moving to a competitor’s website where they may find more compelling technology. While some websites struggle to bring their personal sales strategies online, you can accomplish this goal in one easy single step by implementing a 24-hour live chat service on your dealership’s website.

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