If you are looking for an industry likely to be completely disrupted by blockchain technology, look no further than the mobile gaming industry. Blockchain mobile gaming is already turning the gaming sector on its head; this is expected to continue as a landslide of enthusiast players and investors discover the multitude of opportunities blockchain tech provides and speaking of opportunities slots play casinos offers you best iGaming experience. Here are five ways blockchain technology will permanently change the future of mobile gaming.

Blockchains Will Disrupt Traditional Gaming Companies

The world is gradually unravelling new ways to use Blockchain technology. Blockchains are known for their ability to bring decentralization to massive industries, pushing the power from centralized organizations to the consumers themselves. Blockchains will do the same thing for gaming. To move from gaming universes where corporations own the to platforms that are owned by the users themselves would have huge complication. This will provide gamers with more control and flexibility when it comes to their gaming experience.

Battling Back Against the Hacks

Arguably blockchain’s biggest impact won’t actually be customer facing. The mobile game industry has faced something of security crisis in recent years. Blockchain could prove to be the cure for these woes, as it would address major problems related to security and player retention. Cybertheft and duplication is abundant in 2018, blockchain would make the registration process attached to any game or system transparent, with player assets being instantly verifiable. Blockchain helps bring together a clear ownership system that will eliminate the murky and sometimes controversial nature of in-game transactions. This could potentially entice players to invest more funds and time into gaming too on the understanding that it is a secure environment.

Blockchains Will Give The Power Back To Gamers

Gaming experiences controlled by corporations pose several issues:

  • Control over rules
  • Control over transactions
  • Control over access
  • Control over in-world currency

Done right, blockchain powered gaming can remove these limits, letting gamers take more control over their experiences.

Blockchains Will Enable Cross-Platform Support

As long as gaming content is created on a centralized platform cross-platform support will suffer. By reducing a consumer’s or developer’s ability to use multiple platforms, gaming companies have limited the growth of in-world communities. Decentralized platforms, powered by blockchain technologies, will give gamers and developers what they really crave: full control. Only then will users experience the best gaming has to offer.

Crowdfunding Restrictions

One of the most popular ways for indie developers to fund their projects is through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but they currently have limited in-game incentives to offer their backers. The blockchain allows indie developers the ability to offer rare/discounted exclusive virtual items for immediate delivery to ally. This means players would receive their items straight away, store them in their secure wallet for later, and be able to use them immediately after the game is released.

Like any other technology revolution, blockchain will take time to mature. It is still nascent, especially when applied to gaming. But when the disruption does happen, the impacts will be pervasive, shifting ownership, control, and user experiences. It all makes the gaming industry is as exciting as ever.

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