“Staying ahead of the pack” might sound easy, but you realize that it’s an undertaking that demands a focused input in terms of both investment and management of public perception. That’s where the concept of blockchain PR comes in. Below are some good tips that you can implement to optimize your startup publicity and stand a better chance of making it in this largely competitive industry:

Get Media Attention

One sure way of popularizing a brand is by enticing the mainstream media to “say something” about it. You make this possible by creating a network of good relations in the communication sector. To optimize your chances, you’ve to make your endeavor a win-win situation.

For example, you can get a journalist to interview and write about you, your business, and the industry you deal in. You provide them with enough information to make a nice article with your quotes and current trends in the industry, and in return get yourself on the pages of major publications. That would go a long way in your blockchain PR drive. You see, people will be more inclined to join you when you’re backed by the media.

Besides this, you can post guest contributions on popular outlets and tell your story about what you’re bringing to the market. Pitch for your startup with press releases providing useful information – no wordiness, jargon, or distorted data analysis. People hate that.

Take Your Blockchain PR to the Social Media

Social media networks have turned into gold mines for anyone looking to market their product extensively, and that makes it valuable to your blockchain PR program. By joining forums on sites like Reddit, Facebook, as well Bitcointalk, you can pique the audience’s attention by demonstrating your prowess in matters blockchain and crypto-currencies.

Project an image of integrity and transparency to earn the people’s trust.  This works out well when you contribute intelligent inputs on forums related to the industry. You can also create polls to tap into the audience’s thinking and understand their needs and choices. This will help you greatly in devising a targeted marketing campaign strategy.

Improve Your SEO Techniques

Your website will not move up on the Alexa ranking if your SEO skills aren’t up to scratch. You improve on that by choosing and concentrating your thoroughly written topics around the most searched keywords related to crypto-currencies and the blockchain technology. Out of the keywords used, you zero down on the most effective and refine more content around them. This is called the skyscraper technique. With this, your blockchain PR will boast more useful and searchable content and drive more traffic to your website. That will obviously boost your startup’s publicity.

You realize that publicity is key for a startup looking to break into the exponentially growing crypto-currency market. Use the above tips to take your blockchain PR to the next big level.

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