macboopro-running-windowsYes,You read it correctly.A recent report by Soluto states that Mac’s are the best hardware to run Windows.

Soluto pulled data from more than millions of Laptops which runs either Windows 7 or Windows 8 to check for Windows reliability test.

Finally 49 models were listed from top various manufacturers like HP,Lenovo,Dell,Acer,Samsung,Toshiba and of course the Apple.

From the gathered reports,It is estimated that Mackbook Pro 13 inch Mid 2013 model topped the list leaving behind all the top PC manufacturers.

The WIndows reliability  test accounts for factors like

  • Program crashes and hangs
  • Average boot time
  • The number of background processes
  • Number of BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) per week.

My advice is If you fell short of money to buy Macbook,Go with Acer or Dell.


You read the detail report here.

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