Resume is a type of document which will be used to showcase your both personal details and professional abilities while you apply for a job.A good resume is an essential tool to get you a right job for you,but unfortunately there ain’t strictly defined rule or format for preparing a resume but here is an simple Web App called rezscore,which can be used to evaluate your resume,It categorizes your resume in terms of different Grades,A+ grade reflects that your resume is awesome and anything below C defines you need to make a serious changes to your resume.

Here is my resume graded 


It suggest me some good tips to improve my resume and scores my reume in terms of Brevity,Impact and Depth of he content in my resume.

If you are a Job seeker I advice you to test drive this app,The app makers also provide professional service to improve your reume,If you think there is lot of space for your resume improvement then you can go with the premium service.


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