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Best Magazines for Electronics Hobbyist and Professionals

by Dan

There are many Magazines out there in market which explores latest Technology News and Gadget Reviews, but there is very few magazines related to Electronics are available for Hardcore Electronic Professionals,Hobbyist and students.In this article I have listed some of the most popular magazines available around the world.

efy Magazine

  • Elektor – Available in many countries,Provides Advanced Electronic Projects and circuit Ideas.Also available as a E-Magazine
  • Everyday Practical Electronics – Very useful magazine for Hobbyist and students to learn about basics of Electronics in a practical way,Provides wide range of Electronic Projects and circuits ideas for both Hobbyist’s and Professionals.
  • Nuts and Volts  – Very popular magazine which explores Electronics in-detail,provides Circuit Ideas with In-depth explanations.Also available as a E-Magazine.
  • New Electronics  – UK based Magazine which provides News,Article and Interviews about latest development in Electronics field.They also have a Excellent website to share the Latest Electronics news.
  • Electronics for You – The most popular Electronic Magazine in India,Provides variety of columns to give the knowledge about current state of Electronics Industry.Also provides Projects for Hobbyists.

Finally,these are the most popular Magazines related to Electronics,So It might be missing some Great Magazines.Lets us know through your comments if you found some Great Magazine.

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