If you recently got an iPhone and are looking for an amazing gaming experience, diving into the Apple App Store would not be such a bad idea. This is because the store is packed with numerous games; both free and paid games which can be enjoyed by anyone owning an iPhone. Below is a list of some games found in the Apple App Store that might be appealing to you:

1. Angry Birds

Anrgy Birds

Angry Birds is a production of Rovio Entertainment Limited. The $0.99 game has been met by significant growth in terms of popularity ever since its debut. The game is challenging physically and requires players to exercise logic, skill and force. Its concept is based on birds trying to get revenge on greedy pigs which are accused of stealing their eggs. The most intriguing thing about it is that it allows the player to think creatively.

2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a creation of Halfbrick Studios. The action game involvesslicing of squashy and juicy fruits. It was released sometime back and has continued to be fresh yet accessible especially on touch screen devices. Your finger acts as a sword to be used for slicing through the fruits which then splatter on the screen. It is simple, fun and definitely worth the $0.99 price tag.

3. Cut the Rope

Cut The Ropes

You can have this game installed on your iPhone for just $1.99. Cut the Rope is a creation of Chilling Ltd and is a phenomenal puzzle game that requires the player to cut down candy from a rope and feed it to a tiny monster. The game has received many game accolades from reputable organizations like BAFTA, GDC and Apple design among others. It gets complex as the player progresses and is a great pastime.

4. Where is my Water?

wheres my water

This $1.99 puzzle game is a creation of Disney. The concept of the game revolves around guiding Swampy the alligator to his broken shower. The physics based puzzle is challenging and has exhilarating life-like mechanics. Theplayer is required to traverse through dirty water steam and toxic water to reach the fresh water. The challenge increases as the game progresses and it is totally stimulating to play.

5. Slots Craze

Slots Craze itunes

This free slots game is designed by Win.com. The game gives you a chance to win big with fantastic slots and magical bonuses. The graphics are colourful and it gets better with more play time. The slots machines increase as you open more levels, giving the player a chance to win more jackpots. It loads pretty quickly and can be rated among the best free casino apps by Win.com along with other Vegas styled casino games.

6. Temple Run

temple run

Temple Run is a free game from Imangi Studios LLC. The game is themed on a treasure hunting adventure. It requires the player to guide the hero through a labyrinth of booby traps collecting treasure in the process in order to emerge alive. This game tests your spontaneous effect as you race into the ancient temple away from a huge monster.

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