Best Courier Software to Keep Your Customers Happy

Any successful ecommerce firm relies on reliable shipping. It is, however, a full-time job. Managing an ecommerce firm, including production, marketing, and finance, will undoubtedly consume a significant amount of your time. So, although you may have an in-house logistic staff while the order volume is low, you must start searching for courier delivery and service software as soon as your monthly order volume exceeds 3000.

Since technology is used to automate essential shipping procedures, courier delivery and service software are more efficient. It can also help with inventory and warehouse management, reducing the need to hire more people or rent storage space.

However, selecting the perfect courier software for your online business may be difficult with so many alternatives. So, here is a list of the best courier software that you can use to keep your customers happy.

1. Locate2u

Simply Deliver

Locate2u makes it simple for couriers to fulfill all their tasks as quickly as possible. Their route optimization guarantees the usage of the quickest path, and consumers may receive live tracking links to optimize their delivery experience. Loading and unloading is a snap when you know the optimal way. Giving consumers access to their deliveries reduces customer complaints and calls requesting delivery times. You can rest assured that as Locate2u assists you in planning the most effective routes in seconds rather than hours.

2. ManageTeamz


ManageTeamz is a cloud-based delivery management system that focuses on each phase of your delivery process. Its one-of-a-kind and strong capabilities allow you to track and control your delivery whenever you want. As a result, ManageTeamz helps you save delivery time and costs while increasing the efficiency of your delivery-based enterprises. These industries provide food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, logistic distribution, gift and cake delivery, and other services.

3. SimplyDeliver

Simply Deliver

SimplyDeliver is a delivery-based company that offers a unique solution. With real-time alerts and messages, this solution will assist you in efficiently automating your delivery management process and simplifying the chore of distribution. Its end-to-end solution helps you run your eCommerce, courier service, and other businesses.

4. ParcelPerform


ParcelPerform is a software platform for worldwide ecommerce logistics and courier delivery services. It’s a well-known courier delivery software firm that just secured $20 million in investment. The onboarding procedure is relatively simple because ParcelPerform interacts with many APIs, webhooks, EDIs, and 20 other connectors. ParcelPerform’s AI can now deliver notifications and messages in 30+ languages, taking into account the diverse nations from which clients may originate. Sellers are notified as soon as ParcelPerform expects a delivery delay or likely delivery exception, allowing them to take timely action.

5. ShipStation

ShipStation offers ecommerce businesses of all kinds, small, medium, and large logistics solutions. In addition, this courier delivery and service software are pre-integrated with more than 250 carriers, allowing online retailers to access a wider audience and expand their horizons.

You may combine, divide, merge, and remove orders from ShipStation’s unified dashboard. You can also use tags to identify orders that require special delivery instructions. With the ShipStation program, you can check shipping costs for the latest reductions, print mailing labels, and scan and validate your purchase. In addition, customers may get customized tracking with a customizable branded tracking page, branded emails, notifications, and more.

6. Tookan 

Tookan is among the most potent off-the-shelf Delivery Management platform that allows companies to update their delivery operations and get total control over real-time delivery management. Tookan can be fully linked with any Order Management platform or POS, making the delivery process more efficient from start to finish. In addition, Tookan includes an Agent app, Dispatch Dashboard, and several Extensions that enable features such as real-time tracking, route optimization, geofencing, and agent wallets, among others.

7. MetaPack

MetaPack is software for delivery management and courier delivery services that promise to improve consumer shipping experiences. It has over 4900 shipping services and is used by companies such as Adidas, Boohoo, and others. MetaPack can automate several shipping procedures, including carrier selection, pickup and delivery, packing, and so on. MetaPack’s high-tech software can alleviate last-mile delivery issues by properly identifying delivery locations, finding the shortest delivery route, and assigning the appropriate delivery fleet for the job.


In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environment, implementing cutting-edge technology into your courier business is no longer a luxury but rather a need. Therefore, it’s critical to employ effective software in courier services if you want to automate fundamental activities, expand your client base, and run other day-to-day operations efficiently. Rest confident that this courier software will provide you with the most incredible service possible, enhancing your delivery service.

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