Best Browsers On Android Mobiles

by Dan

Browsing is the primary use of Android phones and probably one can write a proverb as “A smart phone without a internet access is a wallet without money”.

OK cool!! Am not going into these proverb stuffs. In this article I want to just compare few browsers that are available on the android mobiles.

Opera browser

  •  Considered as one of the fastest browser(Users review).
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Very handy and comfortable to use, the zoom in and zoom out are smooth.
  • It helps you to categorize the site that are and aren’t user friendly.
  • If you have a great internet connectivity then you can enjoy the speed of browsing.


Dolphin browser HD

  • It is the first voice and gesture control based browser. There has been already over million downloads.
  • It is an interactive browser just say what you want to search for and to share just say “Share” and “new tab” for new tab .
  • You can switch between the mobile and the desktop compatible views.
  • There are 50 add-ons that are available which include for translation, password manger etc
  • Bookmarks, folders, speed dial and smart address bar are added features.


Nine sky:

  • It is a rather a smarter browser than other mobile.
  • It has night mode features which reduces strain to your eyes, when a tab is not neede it hides and gives more workspace.
  • It has lot of privacy and security features.
  • It has cloud bookmarks which can be used to share bookmark in different mobile devices.



  • It is called “Worlds social browser”.
  • It has all the features for social networking like

  Twitter integration

  Facebook like button

  Google reader

   Popular pages etc..

  • Sharing and private browsing are key features. The private browsing does not leave a trial of  any data or cookies.





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