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Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword across the globe, and indeed it is for a reason. Many universities in the UK have had their teachings and research in artificial intelligence and have been exploring more of it. Both International and Indian students are showing immense interest in studying in the universities of the UK. Artificial Intelligence is one of the four focuses of the government of the UK in industrial strategy. They aim to put the United Kingdoms in front of other nations regarding artificial intelligence and data revolution. Below are a few of the top Artificial Intelligence online courses and offline courses you can attend in the UK. 

#1 Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master's Program

Simplilearn brings this program in collaboration with IBM. It provides training to the students on the skills which are essential for becoming a successful AI Engineer. Students who enroll in this course will master machine learning, deep learning, and the programming languages necessary for excelling in artificial intelligence. The program will cover tools like Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Spark, Keras, Tensorflow, Python, R, Scala. It is an AI courses that will help you get a kickstart for your artificial intelligence career.

#2 M.Phil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence, University of Cambridge

M.Phil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence

This is a course offered by the University of Cambridge; it is an 11-month long course taught under the university’s Information Engineering Division. The course aims to teach the art of machine intelligence and machine learning and ensure that the students are equipped with the research skills required for further studies (doctoral). For UK students, the eligibility criteria for enrolling in this course is that they should have achieved a First-class UK Honours Degree. The student should also possess good technical skills or in any technically related area. For students who don’t have a degree from the UK, you can find their website to find International Qualifications for your country. 

#3 MSc Data Science and Machine Learning, UCL

MSc Data Science

This program is a year-long course offered by the University College London (UCL). The program consists of core machine learning methodologies. It also introduces students to statistical science and a combination of more advanced and specialized options covering statistical and computing modeling. Students are also offered projects from within the UCL Computer Science and from the partners in the industry. A student who wishes to enroll for the course must have an upper second-class Bachelor’s degree in disciplines like computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, or any similar quantitative field from a UK university or can have the overseas qualification of equivalent standards. The student must possess knowledge of various mathematical methods, which includes calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability is required. Having prior knowledge of high-level programming languages like Matlab, Python, or R and having experience working on projects with this language will be an edge for the student. 

#4 MSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh

The MSc in Artificial Intelligence program is offered by the University of Edinburgh, the longest established center for artificial intelligence in the UK. This course aims to impart the basics and fundamental knowledge and get students equipped with practical skills required to build, design, and apply artificial intelligence systems in the specialization which the students choose. Students should know that there’s much competition for getting into this program to enroll in this course. The student needs to have a UK first-class honors degree. Having proficient knowledge in at least one programming language like C, Java, C++, R, Python, Matlab, ML, or Haskell will be advantageous. 

#5 MSc Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), Leeds University 

The MSC in Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) is a 12 months long full-time course offered by the LEEDS University. From embedded systems used in uncrewed vehicles to software used in networking systems, artificial intelligence is often adopted as a powerful tool more often in today’s period. This degree will help the students get equipped with specialist knowledge in the exciting field of artificial intelligence and allow them to explore various computer science topics. With this master’s program, students will gain a broader perspective about intelligent systems, which cover statistical, evolutionary models, quantitative reasoning, language understanding, image processing, bio-computation, and symbolic machine learning algorithms.

The students will also learn essential practices and principles in the implementation, design, and usability of intelligent systems. To enroll, a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer science is a must for the students. Depending on different cases, other computing-based degrees can be considered. This program expects all the students to have studied a breadth of necessary modules, including system development, significant programming, algorithms, and data structures, with good scores in these modules. If the student has relevant experience, it will be considered as well. 


On completing your Artificial Intelligence online course or offline course, you will have many job opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. The job titles may include various job roles like data scientist, machine learning engineer, business intelligence developer, AI engineer, research scientist, etc. Without any doubt, artificial intelligence engineers are one of the most prominent job roles in artificial intelligence today. As an artificial intelligence enthusiast, you should keep yourself updated and informed with all the technology innovations and realize your role and responsibility as an artificial intelligence engineer. Lastly, for your master’s in AI, an Artificial Intelligence online course will reduce your investment and provide a degree equivalent to a standard as an offline degree offers. So, according to the resources you are willing to spend on learning, you can choose one of the programs recommended in the article.

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