Games may change, trends may change, but sports lovers have been almost the same in these years! That having said, technology has become quite useful for them in the past years. You know, in the older days, it was necessary to have a radio if you wanted to listen to updates from an ongoing match. Now, thanks to all those technologies around, you just need a smartphone for everything. If you have an Android smartphone with you, you don’t need any other device to stay as a sports enthusiast. For that, however, you need to get some of the best Android apps for sports lovers. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Android apps for sports lovers.


ESPN Sports app is available for both Android and iOS, but we’re talking about the former variant here. It is more or less like a centralized platform for knowing about what’s happening in the world of sports. That is, no matter whether you are into Soccer, Cricket or NBA, you can have the updates in the same place. One of the major keys in ESPN is the option of customization. You can optimize the home screen according to what you want to listen to. You can include updates from favorite teams, favorite matches etc. In short, ESPN is going to be the ultimate paradise for the sports fan.

#2 Spyn

Being a sports enthusiast is also about making the right discussions about sports. At some time, you may not have such a physical group around. Spyn for Android fixes this problem and creates a space where you can talk about anything and everything related to sports. Moreover, you can get to know the popular players in the area, and even get trained for a particular item. It’s an all-new form of sport app, but quite impressive.

#3 Team Stream aka Bleacher Report

Team Stream is a kind of personal sports updates curator. Some of you may not have time to stick onto what is happening on the screen. In that case, isn’t it awesome to have the crucial updates presented to you? It’s what Team Stream does through your Android smartphone. Once you have set up this app and has selected your favorite team, you can get to know the important updates on the go. Team Stream will go through an immensely diverse number of sources and bring valuable information about the ongoing matches. You can get it for iOS as well.

#4 Sportacular

Sportacular is another Android app that is a must-have for sports lovers out there. It’s another curator app that lets you stay up to date with the various games on in the world. In the single view, you can get to know the different matches, results and other aspects of the games you are interested in. You can easily listen to the updates from MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, NCAA etc. Apart from the support for different matches from different categories, Sportacular is good-enough for some in-app features too. For instance, you can easily log in using your Yahoo account and customize the whole experience. You can even get timely alerts if some matches are happening.

#5 888sport

Last in the list, but definitely not the least, 888sport is a must-have for sports lovers. It is a widely popular solution that lets you place bets on your favorite teams and matches out there. Obviously, you are getting an opportunity to earn from what you can predict. Installing and using 888sport is an easy task, thanks to its simpler UI and features. Be it racing, tennis or football, you can use 888sport app to place your bets and get a chance to win. The thing is simple: if you are interested in sports betting, you must check this out. And, in most cases, you’ll keep using the program too.

Summing up, these are some of the finest Android apps you can have in your device. At one instance or another, the sports lover in you will love these apps. While most of the apps are for curating updates and bringing them to you, some apps can create a space for worthwhile discussions too. it should also be noted that some startups are trying to interconnect sports enthusiasts and real sports that is happening.

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