Behold : Techiestuffs just got better

by Dan

Hi Techiestuffers,You are going to feel,a Hell a lot of improvements on Techiestuffs…read on to find it out

I have already rolled out new design for blog,which is based on Swift WordPress Framework and It includes some major tweaks like Enhanced sidebar with tabbed widgets and improved Footer contents.

Please feel free to cast your feedback about the new design and as far as I tested,the new design loads much faster then our old design based on Thesis framework.

Thats not the end,The real changes are something beyond blog design.That are

  • Depreciated Categories
  • Revised Categories list
  • Guest blogging has been Temporarily disabled

There are plenty of reasons which forced me to take these major changes.I discussed reason for each one

Depreciated Categories

Well,the reason for this change is:Techiestuffs got scattered,Techiestuffs is no more focused on particular niche,though the following depreciated categories might give a feel that “c’mon,..It should be a part of Tech blog”.

Yeah I agree with you view but I could not able to handle these topics because I didn’t have enough exposure on that field and of course the master :Time.

So it might be depreciated for now but If I get co bloggers to support these topics,I will surely restore the categories.

These are the depreciated categories

  • Gadgets and its sub topics such as reviews,Smart phones etc.
  • WebDesigning and SEO
  • Giveaway (You have some good news though)

The good news is that WebDesigning and SEO stuffs are moved to my new blog – – WordPress Resource Blog

Don’t worry about Giveaway,If I get some offers I will surely announce it.

Revised Categories

As I depreciated many categories,the categories has been revised according to its importance.

I have changed the Main menu according to the revised categories.

No more Guest Blogging

Yeah this is the most difficult decision I made but there are some good reasons for that

I was getting decent number of article from Guest bloggers,but they are not real guest bloggers.Most of them are making money with it so they just send some crappy contents and beg me to publish their contents.

I got annoyed by these peoples and I want to say away from them.

Secondly.. I got lazy,Yup..I was not preparing any article as I spend most of the time cleaning the spam contents and proofreading the contents which was written for robots.

I even got this interesting fact,Still now,more than 60% of traffic is caused by 4-5 articles in which I spend some good time to research and prepare.

Okay…what can you expect from mow on ??

As mentioned earlier you are going to experience a lot improved version of Techiestuffs.I am going to concentrate on Quality than Quantity.

You can expect more articles from my favorite fields like Linux and Android.

Thats pretty big post already…Thanks for reading and I promise you to give better blog on days to come.

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