xcodeCongratulations on your fabulous idea to develop an app using the platform of Apple Inc. I prefer calling the iPhone as a ubiquitous device as not even a single country in this world can be marked for the absence of the iPhone. This is the mass victory gained by Steve Jobs, the real inspiration behind the success of this handy device and Apple Inc.

What a great feeling it is to follow the paths of a ‘visionary, creative genius, real wizard and an amazing human being’! I think this is more than enough to influence you on the importance of developing a magnificent, innovative and out-of-the-ordinary iPhone app.

Nothing other than the iOS Development Center can be your best guide, friend and philosopher throughout your app development phase and even after that.

1. What should you actually have before developing your first iPhone app?

Before starting with iPhone app development you should have a Mac OS X or a laptop or a PC with the basic version requisite of 10.5.3 installed in it. You are developing an iPhone app and an iPhone becomes an obvious necessity as it is highly important for testing.

2. What are the necessary things to be done before starting with iPhone app development?

Register yourself for your iPhone app developer account that costs $99 as an annual license fee. Registering in advance saves you ample time as the approval of your developer account by Apple will take somewhere around 2 weeks. Writing codes and device testing can also be done even without a developer account, by using Xcode and iPhone Simulator, based on the exact version for which you are planning to develop your app.

3. How to hit the nail right on the head the first time?

Apple and its iTunes Store are the massive grounds to play with technology and for a novice app developer like you; nothing other than this can be the biggest challenge. To make everything happen right and just the way you want it to happen, ensure that you are quite confident about certain essential things.

  • Determine the specific purpose of the app – Why are you developing it?
  • Define your target group – Who are going to use your app ultimately?
  • List out the exclusive features that you prefer instilling in your app – What are those things that are going to make your app the best among your competitors?
  • Have a detailed plan which will make you stick to time – When are you going to commence its development and plan for its release in the iTunes Store?
  • What are the tools and technology that are going to assist you in crafting your dream app? And how are you going to do that? (This is where the tutorial in the iOS app Developers Library will be of great help)

4. How should I start now? Or how do I dive into action?

The experts have three dominant things for you to note when you are ready to build your first iPhone app. They are the tools, technologies and techniques. All you have to do initially is to download and install the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). The deep-rooted programs of iOS are Xcode, Interface builder based on GUI and an iPhone Simulator.

You will get to learn about the most important basics of the language that powers apps and frameworks in iOS, Objective-C, along with Cocoa Touch frameworks. Testing your app on a particular device and releasing it in the iTunes Store will be the final processes that you explore and experience in the step-by-step beginner’s guide given by Apple Inc.

All the best for your inspiring iPhone app development voyage and wish to see your app hit the iTunes Store very soon!


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