Cloud has successfully captured the talk of the industry. Cloud computing technology has advanced itself enormously and has, therefore given rise to a big buzz within the IT industry, particularly the enterprises.

While choosing a cloud platform, there are certain factors that work behind the scenes. It is more likely that the newcomers only look at the cost, however, there are a few other factors that should be taken care of before making out the final call. In the present market scenario, there are basically three main players who have been struggling in the market. They include Google Cloud Platform or GCP, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services or AWS. The competition has turned fierce and thus it has led to the availability of competitive computing prices with the provision of excellent computing features. With the gradual progress in the market, the small businesses have grown immensely, while the bigger businesses have taken over aspects to capitalize its growth even more along the recent years. Thus, Cloud Computing has become a mandatory deal to be owned by the whole IT sector to enable growth in its genre.

AWS training helps the learners to analyse the best practices in handling the cloud computing system. It also helps one to get an access to the case studies, architectural patterns and various other ways to assess the thoughts practically regarding how to architect the cloud infrastructure on AWS. The training on AWS covers all the fundamentals of building a well-equipped infrastructure on AWS. It offers a foundational knowledge of the candidate, so as to get help one to get started with AWS. It extends the technical skills as well as the proficiency of a person in developing his or her conduct in the IT industry. Therefore, an Amazon Web Services or AWS certification helps the candidates to scale their cloud skills as well as fetch expertise on the AWS platform.

The Cloud computing has been acting as the single hand to show how technology actually works. Thus, in the present scenario, things have turned easier and thus, anyone can easily choose to manage files, host their website on the Cloud and do many other stuff that was not ever possible before. Simplilearn AWS training is basically concerned in scaling your cloud skills and help you gain expertise in accessing the AWS platform. It trains the participants regarding different AWS products, solutions and services.

A brief note on AWS vs Google vs Microsoft Azure cloud:

On the first note, you need to have a general introduction of each of these Cloud platforms in order to make a comparison between them. So, here we go!


Amazon Web Services that is commonly abbreviated as AWS. Amazon manages AWS and has been operating for 11 years and is known as one of the oldest players that have been participating in this competition of the Cloud market. They offer extensive computing services and has been covering important cloud sections such as mobile networking, deployment and more.

Google Cloud platform

Google Cloud platform, commonly abbreviated as GCP, has initially started its journey on October 6 in the year 2011. It has been operating in the market for the last five years and could be found to have created a good presence in the market. Google manages GCP and it has built enterprise services to ensure anyone to host in the Cloud. However, the initial push was created to power their own services like Google and Youtube.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft manages Azure and it has been on the market for the past 6 years. Azure holds a promissory follow up in the market and is best known for providing a complete set of cloud services.

AWS vs Google cloud

The AWS vs Google Cloud services has become a common matter of discussion among people indulged in the IT industry. A lot of people consider Google Cloud to be the strongest competitor to that of the AWS supremacy while the rest prefer to choose AWS. The major difference lies between on the two, on the ground that each of them has got varied amount of services available to it. At this point, the quality, as well as the quantity of AWS, is extremely wide, consisting of numerous opportunities to serve various needs. It is a complete platform and provides a lot of options to its users. In the recent years, there has been a gradual switch over to the Google Cloud Platform. There are basically three main drivers for this shift, namely cost, privacy and MySQL.

Google vs Microsoft Azure Cloud

Google has undergone three price drops in the year 2014 and with such a continuation in the coming years; the option is expected to get cheaper. Obviously, these drops are followed by Microsoft Azure but Google is still being classified as an economical option. Certainly, AWS has served us well and are available with primary discounting method or RIs. Google, on the other hand, offers the simplest approach to save money through SUD, without calling out for an upfront commitment.

Microsoft Azure has made it easier to access the computing system for those using SQL server, Windows server and other Microsoft technologies. Talking about AWS vs Microsoft Azure Cloud etc, Azure holds a stronger edge and the cloud services of Azure takes away all the headaches from the user when it comes to managing servers and deploying the apps. On the contrary, Amazon shines when it comes to the open source developers. Discussing on Microsoft azure vs AWS cloud etc, it is essential to mention that since AWS has welcomed Linux users, it has been providing several integrations for the open source applications.

However, it all depends on the requirement of the industry and not both of them, will have the same kinds of prospects to serve the business. Therefore, a proper analysis is a compulsion and only a suitable IT professional can guide one in picking the right cloud platform.

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