AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

AweClone is a powerful yet simple-to-use disk cloning tool. The primary purpose of AweClone is to securely clone hard disk drives along with external storage devices without any loss of data. Thanks to the software platform’s sector-by-sector cloning technology, you can move all your data, including files, settings and apps, to another device or hard drive. 

What makes AweClone stand out is how easily you can use it to clone data. For instance, you just have to select the resource hard drive and the target drive. 

With AweClone, you can also clone Windows to another hard drive or external hard drive. AweClone disk cloning software also allows you to clone HDD to SSD or clone SSD to HDD. So with these things in mind, let’s take a closer look at the various aspects of using AweClone.      

A Brief Overview of AweClone

In case you don’t know, AweClone is specifically designed to clone a hard drive to another device. With the usage of the AweClone tool, there is no need to worry about missing folders and files. Being a developer primarily for regular customers, AweClone offers you a user-friendly interface. 

AweClone also provides you with two cloning modes, namely, the disk clone mode and the partition clone mode. With the help of these modes, you can securely clone an HDD or a hard drive partition to other drive or external device. Here are some of the top features of AweClone that you should be aware of.  

The Top Features of AweClone

AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

One of the critical highlights of AweClone cloning software is its proprietary sector-to-sector cloning technology. This sector-to-sector cloning technology is fast, efficient and not prone to common errors. 

What’s more impressive is that AweClone provides you with the flexibility to create backups of your hard drive to any other system. With AweClone, you can also create a copy of additional hard drives or external devices easily. Here are some of the features of the AweClone Cloning Software that you should be aware of. 

Enjoy Powerful Disk Cloning with AweClone

With AweClone, you can easily clone hard drive on Windows 10 devices. Moreover, AweClone doesn’t only copy everything swiftly. It also has that unique ability to create backups from the bad sectors of your HDD or SSD. So as you can see, you can deploy AweClone even when your HDD is in a pretty bad condition. AweClone is your best bet when you are cloning the OS and files of an old system. 

Ability to create a Copy from HDD to SSD 

There are very few cloning software platforms that would help you create a copy from HDD to SSD. But unlike other software solutions, AweClone brilliantly excels in this department. It is also a common nightmare among people to encounter random breakdowns because of inefficiencies present in the software solution. But these are things of the past when you are using the AweClone Cloning Software. You can easily copy from HDD to SSD without worrying about any data loss. 

Presence of Dual Cloning Modes 

It is one of those features which would help you to clone the whole HDD without any issues in a shorter timeframe. For instance, if you don’t have the time to copy the entire HDD, you can select specific drive partitions which comprise your crucial files and apps. In this manner, AweClone helps you to create good backups swiftly. On the other hand, if you want to guard against data loss, you can commence with full HDD backup or clone with the click of a single button. 

How you effectively use AweClone?

One of the critical highlights of AweClone is that it appeals both to professionals and occasional users. So in case, you want to use AweClone and finding ways to use it, here are some steps for your help. Try to adhere to these steps to prevent data loss and ineffective system cloning. 

Step 1- Choose the Source 

AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

Upon opening the application, you would have access to all the connected drives. You can select the partition you want to backup. 

Step 2- Choose the Destination 

AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

After selecting the source, you have to choose the destination where you want to create the backup. Preferably, most users tend to opt for external HDDs or SSDs. But note that the partition should be different than that of the cloning drive.  

Step 3- Proceed with Data Cloning with AweClone

In Step 2, you would come across the next button. When you click on this button, the cloning process would automatically start. 

AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

Refrain from pressing any button on the keyboard or clicking with the mouse. When the cloning process is over, a notification will pop up telling you the same. 

AweClone- Disk Cloning Software Reviewed

Key Takeaways 

So as you can see, AweClone is one of the most straightforward software solutions you can ever use nowadays. If your main aim is to create a backup, you can rely on AweClone. AweClone can be a great savior in case you want to guard against nasty data loss. 

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