Customer Feedback Mistakes

It’s true that “to err is human,” but when it comes to customer service, mistakes might cost your business. Good reviews are an important aspect of any successful business; however, negative feedback can sabotage your business’ success.

Negative customer experience causes consumers to abandon intended purchases. However, with great service, a strong customer relationship can be forged. With this in mind, it’s crucial to know some of the common customer feedback mistakes. Coming from a career standpoint, opinions, and personal feelings from customers, these are some of the mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Inadequate Training of Your Agents

Inadequate Training of Your Agents

Most of the time, customer service agents are asked to have manuals that can help them touch on what consumers desire. It is unacceptable if your success team is unequipped with the tools to ask the correct questions and acknowledge the customer’s needs.

A report made by professionalism matters stated that scripts are not the ideal way to handle customer complaints. Instead, giving customer service training is considered the best way to keep your staff sharp and productive. They can be supplied with tools to help in identifying their errors and working on them. In that fashion, your team can take charge and avoid customer service problems down the road.

  • Lack of Accountability with Your Customers

Lack of Accountability with Your Customers

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that companies make. Some unhappy customers may remain silent until they are contacted, causing agitation. To circumvent this, your customer service department needs to allocate time and determine the root cause of every issue and how to solve them. They should boldly follow up with the consumer instead of waiting for that phone to ring.

As a company, you might be dealing with customers from different time zones who would want their issues resolved right away. Ensure that your customers can reach out to you at any time or you’ll be risking the company’s reputation when they’re unable to contact you. Hiring enough staff members or using Chatbot software is a convenient way to handle the task of customer inquiries. In addition to this, motivate your team to share links to resources like setup videos, and questions customers frequently ask. The idea behind this is to be close to your customers to tell them what they need before they realize it.

  • Not Giving Brilliant Support

Not Giving Brilliant Support

Every consumer expects that their inquiries will be answered swiftly. Delaying bothers them and in this digital era, all forms of customer support will be held accountable, not just those on phone duty. An example can be if an agent responds slowly to an email update. This in the eyes of any consumer will be considered rude, and ruin the customer’s experience.

Measure both the Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Score to get the idea of your support team’s performance quality. Track the average call time so that you can have a basis for both your call, and performance time accordingly. Always remember that when it comes to consumers, there’s an expectation of quick response similar to what they’re used to from technology and electrical equipment.


Customers have high expectations from the companies they deal with, as it is within their rights. Therefore, serving them correctly will indirectly create loyal ambassadors for your company in both good and bad times. Even so, if you let your customer service fail or get stuck at any point, there will be a different turn of events. This is why major companies pride themselves in customer service because they’re aware that good customer feedback leads to high demand for goods in the market arena.

In this digital era, every business wants to create a good relationship with their consumers for high market value. Due to this, companies have taken the initiative to contact consumers for their feedback instead of waiting around. Top business consultants have acknowledged this to be the best strategy for engaging and delighting consumers.

We hope that you’ve learned a great deal from this article and as we conclude, are you conversant with the importance of customer satisfaction surveys? Kindly leave your comments below.

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