Audials One 2020 Review: Enjoy Music, Radio, Apps and More!

For those of us who prefer to stay in the legal sphere for our entertainment, Audials One is one stop software for all our needs. From recording music from services like Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and all other legal streaming sources, or saving movies and series from Netflix, Amazon and other video streams in high quality, Audials does it all and more. Audials has been at the top of the game for over 20 years now, and the updated version has made it even better.

What’s new in Audials 2020?

Audials One 2020 has listened to the feedback and made the Audials experience faster and smoother with a more user friendly interface. The Audials 2019, which was released last year on Audials’ 20th anniversary, brought hundreds of improvements over the previous version. This year Audials takes that further with a cleaner interface that’s much faster and easier to use. Let’s see all the latest updates that Audials 2020 has to offer:

Music and Radio in Audials 2020

Music will always be the heart of what Audials does best. It’s no surprise that the best improvements are always in the music section. Some of the highlights of Audials 2020 in terms of music streaming are:

Spotify Drag and Drop (15x faster): You can now drag multiple playlists or albums from Spotify directly in Audials One 2020 to view, download, or save at your convenience with almost 15x speed. All songs are perfectly trimmed at starting and end, and tags and album arts are always spot-on.

Hi-Fi Sound without Loss: The latest edition of Audials lets you record in the best quality (upto 96 kHz/24bit). FLAC file playback is also supported in Audials One 2020. Even if your sound card doesn’t support 96 kHz/24 bit, you can still record music in the best format without any quality loss.

Instant Access to Charts from all Websites: You can copy the URL of any website that lists tracks (charts, playlists, etc.) and paste the URL into Audials, and all of the website’s songs will be listed. You can start listening to them or download them from any music platform.

Export Playlists to Music Services: Audials One 2020 lets you export any track as playlist to Spotify and YouTube. Spotify/Youtube will automatically find the corresponding versions of each song. Moving playlists between platforms has never been easier!

Audio Editor: The Audio Editor of Audials One 2020 has had a new interface which is much easier to operate. You can open the Audio Editor from the context menu of the song to edit any song with ease.

Video and TV in Audials 2020

With the popularity of online video streaming, Audials One 2020 has made sure so provide a clean interface to record videos from all the popular streaming channels. Some important updates to the 2020 version include:

Crisp and Top-Quality Recordings: With a completely revised video recording engine, Audials One 2020 uses the latest encoding technology to provide the best possible image quality, especially for modern mp4 formats such as H.264 and HVEC. Audials can encode videos by directly using the graphic card of your system (NVidia, Intel OnBoard and AMD).

Watch and Record Netflix in 1080P Full HD: Audials 2020 is the only software in the market that lets you watch and record Netflix videos in top 1080P resolution.

Record Subtitles: After numerous requests by users, Audials 2020 has finally made it possible for you to download video files along with subtitles. No more pausing and repeating to catch that quick dialogue!

Apps and More in Audials 2020

With Audials 2020, you can get exclusive pro app power features which are not part of the free version. You can search, listen, download music, and transfer it seamlessly to your iOS or Android device.

Wish-List Function: The wish-list function has finally reached Android smartphones. Also, you will have the same wish list on your mobile as you do on your PC.

Intelligent Wireless Music Transfer: You can easily transfer all your media automatically to your Android devices as long as your PC is running simultaneously.

Unlimited Radio Recording on iPhone: The radio app lets you to record as many tracks as you want from online radio stations

To Wind-Up

Along with improving the content side, a lot of thought has gone into the user interface of Audials 2020. The new interface makes it easy to go through the options with the minimum clicks as all options get integrated. The fast drag-and-drop options and the HD streaming and recording capabilities of the Audials 2020 makes sure you get the best content in minimum time. The Hi-Fi sound recording capabilities of Audials One 2020 and the unlimited radio recording options will make you never listen to the same song twice. Audials continues to be a music lover’s best friend!

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