A pocket friendly phone made especially for the people who prefer to shop in budget, Asus zenfone C is a great try by the company. This article will deal with the review of the phone segregating both the positive and disappointing facts. Asus Company had hit Indian market in 2014 flooding the market with budget friendly phones.



The phone has curvy rear view made in a stylish cut design. The screen is of the size of 4.5 inches with the used apps, home and back buttons. On the top of the phone the company name Asus is visible in a bright silver color. The volume adjusting button and the main power button are on the right side of the phone. The back cover is made of plastic with a back camera sitting in the top center direction. The charging point is given on the downward slab of the phone. This could also be used as the USB point.

Positive points:

  • Touch: the phone has a very smooth touch which is quite a weird thing in the price being charged.
  • Screen: the screen is a good deal as it comes in 4.5 inches being wider than most phones produced in the same price range. This screen size makes the user read text easily and also provides easy sweeping gestures.
  • Different applications: some predefined applications on this phone include Zen link which helps to transfer data to other zenfone users through Bluetooth easier. Another app zen link is available which makes the phone a great input device once connected to the PC.
  • Fast: having a good processor the phone has a good speed and does not hang in between your work.
  • Good battery: the battery is good in comparison to other phones of the same price category.


Negative points:

Camera is the worst point about this phone. The front camera is mere 0.3 Mp making it difficult to click selfies. The back camera also fails at the night time or at dark places. Another disappointment is no headphones being given with the phone. Yet if you want a phone within budget it is given 3 on 5 stars.

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