Technology advancements and coming up of new devices in the market had made it possible for the apps to become popular among the smart phone users. A large number of applications relating to education, shopping, business, finance etc. are making their way to application world daily. Just imagine an application that can make toggling between different applications simple and easy. If you can imagine about this app then yes there is such application that really exist in the App market. This smart application is ‘AskMe’.

AskMe is an elegant application that can help you out in easy toggle of apps on your smart phone. This application offers you the information related to millions of businesses that are running in your neighborhood and city. It is one of the best applications that help you to find listings and merchants, classified ads, best deals, and buy them instantly. This is the application made for android smart phones and it can be used to get the information relating to your city.

askme app

Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd had created ‘AskMe’ app. It is the third application that had been launched by this organization to the app world. It is available for android users for free on Google Play. Using this application you can search for various places to relax, shop, drink, eat, and even read the reviews from the local community near your locality.

Usefulness of AskMe Application

This application is very useful because:

• You search different businesses near your neighborhood

• You can get the best deals offered to you by your desired business

• You can even search for the classified relating to jobs, cars, property and more

• You can add tips, photos, reviews of desired business on AskMe app

• You can even share desired business among your friends over Facebook, Twitter, and email

• You can read reviews of variety of businesses

• You can look through contact numbers and addresses of businesses

Good Interface

AskMe application has got an easy to use interface which is quite simple and is designed specifically for delighting the users. This app is not gauche and has an ease to use. The bold interface of AskMe application impresses the users as you can input the data easily. The app is very good that you get an exact result for your search query.

Pros of AskMe

Some of the pros of using this app are:

• This application behaves like a search engine. It can search for the free ads or deals near your locality and you can search for many more without reaching for the homepage again.

• The design of this application is just perfect

• This app uses a little data from your data pack

• The user interface of this application is very simple

AskMe App Download

Installation of this app on your device helps you search for best businesses around you and browse through the best deals in town. It is a must to have app on your android smartphone. So keep going and get this app installed.

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