Owing to the ever-increasing popularity and demand for apps Android application development is an industry that is making tremendous progress today. People everywhere are going mobile and are turning to apps to simplify and enhance their life. The Android platform is most sought after due to its open source nature.

Though there aren’t any shortcuts to success, the app development process can be smooth if you have a clear plan of what you want to do and how you need to get there. If you plan to create an Android app and you’ve got some great ideas in mind,here are some pointers you would need to look at while developing apps for the Android platform.


Pre-Production Phase  – Before getting your Hands wet

  1. Before you begin the app development process, have a clear idea about what the purpose of your app is. Understand who your target users will be and how you’ll market your Android app. This will help you at every stage of development to monitor your progress and ensure that you reach your goal.
  2. Do research on similar apps which are already available on the market (Google Play). What are the services which your competitors are offering? Does your app have a competitive edge over them?
  3. Keep your target users in mind. What is it that they hope to see in your app? Will your app be able to fulfill their needs and live up to their expectations?

Production Phase  – While sculpturing your App

  1. Utilize the latest version of Android available in the platform to create your app. This will keep your app up-to-date, provide you with the best functions and features the platform has to offer and help in fixing bugs and making upgrades.
  2. Keep your programming skills up-to-date to write code. A sound knowledge of Java and other object-oriented programming languages is a prerequisite.
  3. An app with a simple and straightforward concept minimizes the chances of errors. Adhere to the fundamentals of design and development to help your users get a quick hang of what your app is about.
  4. Irrespective of the kind of app you will be developing, it will definitely have to be innovative and distinctive for it to stand out from the plethora of apps out there. What is your app’s USP? What are the benefits your app offers which users would not be able to find anywhere else?
  5. Create a time frame for the development process and make sure you adhere to it. You surely wouldn’t want the app to get outdated by the time it reaches your users.

What it takes to Make a Good App ?

  1. An intuitive app is always appreciated. Most users don’t really have the time or patience to understand a complicated app or look at the help section for guidance. Your Android app should be able to speak for itself with its simple design, navigation and functionality and connect to users instantly.
  2. A small app with only the essential features and functions will take up less storage space. Maintain the right balance between functionality and performance to help your Android app deliver its best.
  3. Make your app appeal to users by adding good graphics, sound effects, images and music whenever required.
  4. When you are developing Android apps for smartphones and tablets, it is vital to keep the screen size in mind. As most of the popular Android devices have their own resolutions and screen sizes, design your app with a flexible layout so that the content fits into screens of various sizes automatically.
  5. Social media integration is a feature many users look for in an app, be it a gaming or a business app. So, options to share content through Facebook, Twitter or mail from within the app will help in enhancing the experience of users.

Testing and Post Production Phase – An Essential touch

  1. Test-run your app before it is launched to spot errors and bugs. Make sure your app is compatible with at least three versions of Android OS. It should function perfectly well on different Android devices and not crash in the lower versions of Android.
  2. You could even ask friends, colleagues and random people to try your app. You could watch them while they use your app so that you can find out if your app’s navigation and functionality are as intuitive as you wanted it to be. You will also be able to see first-hand if your app is engaging. Once you find out what the pitfalls are, fix them right away.
  3. Your app needs the right promotion and marketing to give it the perfect launch, stand out from the crowd and reach target users and remain popular on Google Play. This is one of the most important aspects you need to take care of once your Android app is ready to be launched.

So there you are! You are all set to develop a great Android app of your own. These tips will help you in working your way through the problems you might face while developing your app. Jump on the Android app development bandwagon and make your app skyrocket to success!

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Brian Taylor is the Business Project Manager of Forix from SanFrancisco, California.  Forix  a web design san francisco company offers website design, Ecommerce website builder and mobile apps for business and also provide idle solutions for small businesses.
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