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Research in Canada has found that video games can seriously damage a person’s health. It seems mothers around the world were right when they lamented their kids’ addictions to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Gamers can play free slots games on the Internet instead of video games and still feel the same excitement.

So, are video games really bad for your health? And are some games worse than others?

Video Game Research

According to the research completed in Canada, first-person shooter games are the most damaging to a person’s health. Studies found a person’s brain is most affected by these games. Both the grey matter and hippocampus areas are hurt when playing certain video games. The research was conducted by the University Montreal, and scientists found the brain’s cells were destroyed in the two areas thanks to playing first-person shooter games.

There is a caveat to the research, however. Gamers who played for long hours without breaks were the ones experiencing ill brain health. Experts have stated gamers shouldn’t overdo it when playing.

But there are ways video games have been proven to improve a person’s health. Like all things, done in moderation, video games can have positive effects.

Health benefits to Playing Video Games

A 2014 joint study by the American Cancer Society, Brown University, and Stony Brook University discovered two-player or puzzle solving games can reduce cravings. This is good for smokers, drinkers, or people struggling with food addiction.

Researchers took MRI scans of players’ brains while playing games and found it activated the same rewards centre that smoking does. Now, individuals looking to stop their bad habits can turn to playing puzzle solving video games to achieve the same feelings they get from smoking or other addictions.

Another study, this one conducted by the University of Washington Harborview Burn Center found video games can reduce pain in hospital patients. The university conducted an experiment where patients undergoing treatment for severe burns were made to play a game called Snow World. Players wore virtual reality headsets during gameplay. The study found patients ignored pain 92 percent of the time while playing the game. Researchers believe patients were able to focus on something other than pain, which resulted in the lower percentage of reports.

In recent years, post-traumatic stress disorder has made headlines. PTSD has been found in a variety of segments of people following traumatic experiences. Oxford University researchers have found Tetris reduces the symptoms in PTSD suffers. Tetris was able to prevent flashbacks and memories being triggered in the brain. This allowed PTSD patients to experiences fewer symptoms. Slots casino games can also improve a player’s experience with its fantastic range of intuitive games.

Are Video Games the Answer?

Despite critics of video games blaming them for a variety of society’s problems, they actually provide a number of health benefits. Overexposure to certain games may negatively affect the brain over time. However, certain games can improve a person’s health greatly. Gamers may get a bad rap, but playing offers them the chance to improve an area of health with every session.

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