It seems that the age of passwords as the primary line of online defense is coming to an end. The TechNewsWorld reports that a new authentication standard WebAuthn will soon revolutionize Internet security. The biggest developers, namely Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, have already expressed their support and started work on their browsers to make them support WebAuthn. However, as this new standard of Internet security has not yet become commonplace, businesses should take extra care with their own passwords and take additional steps to protect them.

What Is WebAuthn and What Will It Change?

WebAuthn is a new security standard for Application Program Interface. It can be incorporated into web browsers to change the traditional steps of user authentication. The information on its exact details is still limited. However, there can be no doubt that the new method is far more secure than the current standard.

The main strengths of WebAuthn is that this standard eliminates the weakest link in the digital security chain, which is the password. WebAuthn is a multifactor solution that provides can boost the security of the entire Internet if it’s accepted as a standard. The stronger multi-layered authentication supported by this solution can include external authenticators as well as biometrics, to provide the highest level of security achievable today.

One shouldn’t forget that the authentication process is only one of Internet business’ security vulnerabilities. The adoption of this new standard won’t eliminate the need for other security measures, such as anti-malware solutions. You also shouldn’t forget that your business is vulnerable to ‘inside’ attacks coming through shared servers. Therefore, you should only use the services of reliable hosting providers. Small businesses can afford this by using various discounts and promotions like HostGator coupons.

How to Make Sure Your Passwords Are Secure in 2018

WebAuthn and the ‘password-free’ future it offers is great news. However, this solution is not widely available at the moment. Therefore, all Internet businesses have to settle for using passwords.

To have a strong password today you need to worry not only about the security of the symbol combination itself. You also need to ensure it’s stored in a safe place and change the password often.

The general tips for creating a secure password today are:

  • Make it long, very long (about 20 characters).
  • Use at least one symbol and number.
  • Use both upper and lower cases.
  • Never use a password related to you.

The ‘golden rule’ of secure passwords today, however, is:

Make your password completely random.

It shouldn’t have any recognizable words, names, dates tied to your life, etc. The best choice for your digital safety is a random combination of letters in varied registers interspersed with symbols and numbers. The trick, therefore, is memorizing your password.

You also shouldn’t forget that passwords on all your accounts must be unique, therefore, you have to memorize several of them. A variety of Hollywood movies, including Ready Player One shows you exactly how bad of an idea it is to keep your password on a sticky note near your computer. Therefore, finding a way to store your passwords securely is as important as creating secure passwords.

Today you can use solutions called password managers to do this, for example Zoho Vault, Sticky Password, or Dashlane. However, even these programs aren’t 100% secure. You can boost your digital safety by changing all your passwords frequently, but remember to do this at random intervals.

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