Books are our silent buddies who offer us peace of mind and happiness without any expectations. Books can help us travel us travel through our imaginations and update us with colossal knowledge on various niches of life. We can break the barriers of thoughts and widen out horizons with books. There are books from all categories including the suspense, thrillers, romance, fiction and drama and many more. People tend to fall in love with books as they can not only get into the depth of the stories and can travel time and place with it but books are the only peers who stand by and with us without any expectations.

The Rising Significance of Movies

There are many of us who get entertained and read novels for the sake of recreation. Watching movies and videos is also a form of getting entertained.Many brilliant stars have taken to acting and movies in recent times are far beyond the normal short and cute romance but they depict full-fledged meaningful stories and events.


There are couples of movies that are based on science and travel. These movies are no less than books and can get one traverse across the globe. The sceneries and places where the movies are shot in different nooks and corners of the world help people to understand the world better. Movie buffs simply enjoy all the performances and story plots when it comes to flicks.

Availability of Books and Movies

Unlike books movies were not much easily available earlier. Books could be easily purchased from book stores or grabbed from a library. Online books have also made life easy for all readers but it was pretty difficult for movie maniacs to get the favorites flick of their choice easily. This led to the fact that books could be easily bagged and most of us were inclined towards reading.

However, in recent time times smartphones have grown beyond the mere expectations of using them for calling and texting but many new apps have come up that have eased the search for movies.

Movies on Mobile Apps


Movies can now be searched online easily with many free mobile apps. MovieBox is an online movie app that can be easily downloaded to watch movies of all genres. The app has a huge library where stacks of flicks are stored. One can create their own playlist and store their favorites in it. Movie Box APK is the file from which the app can be downloaded in all smartphones and iOS devices. Also the app allows free download of movies and easy streaming of all films and videos. Every month new addition of flicks are made in the app’s library to satiate all movie maniacs. It has also got the feature of watching flicks in offline mode that adds to our delight. Movie Box is now widely available on all major platforms.

Books or Movies

Like always it has been difficult to choose between the brilliance of books and delight given by movies. But owing to the advancement of technology both have become easily available which makes it easy for all movie buffs and readers to grab their favorites hassle-free!

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