Are all Tracking Apps for iPhone Reliable? What Should I Look For?

by Dan

You buy property, you do all the research before that, you buy some gadget; you read all the reviews you can. This is exactly the same for iPhone parental controls. These apps to track and monitor kid’s online activities just to make sure they stay safe online. There are app developers who simply want to get hold of your hard-earned money and really don’t care whether your kid is fully protected from online predators and crazy strangers or not. So instead of stashing away your money, read this brief guide carefully to make a wise decision. After all, it is about the safety of your kids.

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Things to Consider While Buying iPhone Tracking App

Not all the iPhone tracking apps for teens offer safety, which is why it is important to review the app before buying it. The best way of doing this is reading its reviews, especially those given by its customers just to know what it offers, and what it lacks. Here is a checklist to consider before buying iPhone parental controls for teen.

Check Compatibility: There is no benefit of buying an app that is not compatible with your kid’s device. If your kid has a latest version of iPhone, then make sure the app supports that version. A good app supports all versions of iOS.

Check Features: It is difficult to find all the features in one app, but you can at least make sure that your app contains all the basic features like tracking iMessages, Facebook and Skype chat, Viber and WhatsApp chat, call logs etc. Also, make sure that it filters internet, block application and log web history. It’s a treat if the app also offer remote management feature.

Check Customer Support: Go with the app that offer 24/7 customer support. Majority of the app providers offer customer support via email, telephone or live chat.

Difficult to Tamper With: Do not take kids easy as they are the product of this technology-oriented world. Accept it or not, they know technology more than we do. So make sure that the parental control app you are going to buy is difficult to tamper with. Otherwise, your teens will disable it without you realizing it.

Make Sure it Offers Geo-tracking: Geo-tracking is a must have feature in a parental control app as kids usually do not share their original location with the parents. This feature comes in handy when the kid is in difficult situation and need immediate help. It is also helpful in case the iPhone is stolen.

You are ready to Buy

Now that you know what to stay away from and what to go for, it’s time that you go ahead with your iPhone tracking app hunt. Remember that all tracking apps for iPhone are not trustworthy so make the smart choice.

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