Nowadays people are becoming more ambitious and want to earn as much profit as they can. For this they are using a system called arbitrage. Now, the question arises here is, what is arbitrage or what do we understand by arbitrage.

Arbitrage is a kind of simultaneous buying and selling of commodities currency and securities at less risk to earn profit from the imbalance in the price. It is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets.

Arbitrage developed its new form called Arbitao which is a kind of community driven platform that allows people to earn profit without much investment. It brings together many small capitals from the public and computes its personal capital also. John Kinsey is the CEO of Arbitao. It is completely risk free as there is no investment of large amount of capital.

Today prices are crashing in crypto currency market and people are losing trust and not believing in these financial markets. The basic motive of Arbitao is to financially help the public in earning profits. The prices in the market are fluctuating day by day which leads to the increase in difference of exchange value. It is a major problem which people are facing today in crypto currency market. For this Arbitao has developed an infrastructure to reduce disconnections or intermissions.

In a normal crypto currency wallet there are features like sending receiving and holding coins. But the ATAO wallet is much more. It connects the Arbitao ecosystem with its community. It is a decentralised network and a community. Its members can get the share in ATAO wallet. The most attractive thing in this is even small investors can earn money like by joining the Arbitao Trading Pool. This is done by combining the decentralised power of Arbitao Company and the Arbitao blockchain technology, and then it finds the most profitable trade to execute it for Arbitao Pool Members. The profits are distributed daily. It can be check in the Dashboard. You can click here for more information.

It is already a product by which people can benefit themselves by following the two critical steps-

  • To spot the existing arbitrage opportunity
  • To take the advantage of the spotted opportunity

It is a fully automated arbitrage solution which is having no more risks and barriers. It has been tested by the community of Arbitao. It assists people by finding difference in exchange and helps the people in making profits. This system has been online since November 2017 and is successfully tried and tested.

It is rewarding as well

The focus of Arbitao is to build a strong support for which they reward people for inviting their friends. This reduces marketing expense and benefits Arbitao and the consumer both. All the ATAO members in the Arbitao blockchain will be rewarded in two ways. The first is the staking reward that is by installing ATAO wallet and the second one is by computing power so that Arbitao algorithms run faster.

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