Before the 2016 MacBook came out there were various rumors about it. The most prominent one was that Apple would do away with the conventional screen and feature a touch screen. While that did not happen, the new MacBook did come with a touch sensitive track pad.

However, if a patent from September 2015 is to be considered, we might see a MacBook in which the keyboard might be totally absent. The patent which was made public this Thursday quotes “force-sensitive input structure for an electronic device” which will be a clan flat surface that will react to where and how hard you press.


“Zero travel” is the phrase used by Apple to refer to this type of input method meaning there would be no moving parts unlike the keys. This would reduce the wear and tear. Another advantage of the “zero travel” method is that as there are no keys and hence no key holes, the amount of dirt entering the device would significantly reduce.

Now you might be wondering how exactly will this keyboard less MacBook work and how would those of you too used to their conventional keyboard laptops would use this one? To solve this problem, you can create your own keyboard. Yes, you can place the keyboard on the input pad to suit your needs? Need a numeric keypad? No worries, place it next to the mouse track pad.

Another patent from Apple filed back in February 2016 featured a close proximity no touch surface – an interface surface you wouldn’t have to touch but just move your hand in close proximity to operate. If both these patents are seem on one MacBook sometime in the future, we’d say that MacBook would sell like hot cakes worldwide.


If this MacBook with no keyboard actually becomes a reality, which we doubt because not all Apple patents, but if it does it will be with a hefty price tag. So if you’re planning on buying this MacBook sometime in the future, you might as well have to sell MacBook or any other laptop that you currently own.

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