“I am planning to sell iPhone that I currently own, should I go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Apple iPhone 6 Plus?”


No doubt that this is indeed one of the most confusing questions out there. Apple’s biggest and greatest iPhone ever compared with Samsung’s phablet flagship of 2014, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It indeed is a very tough and close enough competition. However, if you are too interested in getting either one of these Smartphones, then below is our detailed comparison between these two hot shots to help you pick the best Smartphone for yourself.

1. Design and Screen

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is constructed out of Aluminium. Of course, that’s what you expect from Apple, premium and high quality construction. However, the 5.5 inch Full HD display gives the Smartphone a size that’s similar to other 6 inch Smartphones out there.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does have metal presence in the edges, but the Smartphone still has the plastic back that most Samsung users complain about. However, the removable back brings in added functionalities such as removable battery and external SD card slot, both of which the Apple iPhone 6 Plus lacks. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7 inch QHD display, which is again, higher in resolution than the iPhone.

2. Processor and Camera

A 2.7 GHz quad core processor with 3 GB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compared to the 1.4 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Not even a comparison, right?

Well, that’s the paper work. In day to day usage scenarios, both these Smartphones function smoothly without any lags or stutters, and at times, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus beats the Galaxy Note 4 in performance as well.

Similarly, the 16 MP rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the 8 MP rear camera of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus are two of the best Smartphone camera’s out there in the market as well. Both these Smartphones feature Optical Image Stabilization for smoother video recording and better low light photography.

For selfie enthusiasts, the 3.7 MP front facer of the Galaxy Note 4 and the 1.2 MP secondary camera of the iPhone 6 Plus ensures you get the best selfies, always.

3. Battery

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus may have inferior hardware in theory, but beats the Galaxy Note 4 in daily performance.

However, one place where the theoretical specs matters is in battery backup. And in that term, the 2915 mAh battery of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is in no way a competitor to the 3220 mAh battery found on the Galaxy Note 4.

Both these Smartphones will give you over a day of battery backup. However, with the Galaxy Note 4, you will get even more power backup when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. Also check iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Final Words:

Both these Smartphones are the best one’s out there currently. However, the bigger battery along with the software optimization done for a larger display with the help of the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, gives it a slightly upper edge than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

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