Android Vs Firefox OS

by Dan

iOS, Android, Symbian,Windows are the leading OS on a mobile phone. For last 3 to 4 years i have heard people say “Android phones” rather than calling it by it’s maker or variant.But now for a while i have been hearing a different name and it spells “Firefox phones”.

With ZTE open and Alcatel OnetouchFire hitting the stores in Spain,Poland and Brazil, its time to watch for the this buddy.

Firefox OS has already been claimed as the only competitor for the Android both at entry level and at the international markets.This can be attributed to, significantly by looking at the market that android had established and from the shift of people opting for Android rather than Windows or iOS.

Am not going to speak about the phones here, instead we will see what the OS as such has.

Features Android OS Firefox OS
Open source Yes Yes
Linux based Yes Yes
Flash Player No Yes
Stable version(updated) Yes No
Internal Hardware(accelerometer, proximity sensor etc..) support  Yes  Yes
Processors job Need to process three pieces of software kernel, Dalvik, and WebKit. Just Power the Gecko web browser rendering engine. 
Minimum RAM Does not run below capacity of 256MB. With 256MB (WOW!)you can have smooth usage.
OS based on Java and IDE Eclipse HTML 5


Eventually it shows that we have been using a costlier mobile that is because it cannot support  minimum requirements posed by the Android (grater amount of RAM and processor) and with FIREFOX OS is it possible to have a more compatible , cheaper and better performing phones.

Since 2008(release of Android), Google has been enjoying growth, But now may be the time it has got to think some new strategy to tackle the cut throat competition from Mozilla.


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