As a basic video editor, Movavi Video Editor is perfectly suited for beginners. It has some basic simple features which novices find easy to work with. The app has a pretty simple and well-designed interface which allows the users to have an easier time accessing some of the software’s functionalities and controls. The fact that the interface allows you to have a number of tracks to work with during a single project makes it perfect when it comes to handling complex tasks.


Movavi Video Editing tool comes with a wide range of visual effects and scene transition options which make the app one of the best beginner video editing apps that is currently available in the market. Besides the visual effects, the appis equipped with an automatic video enhancement tool that is specifically designed to improve the quality of your videos.


Movavi Video Editing app can handle any of the following functions:

  • Capture videos from TV-tuners, camcorders, and VHS. The app can also record audio
  • It can import and save 2D and 3D videos in any format of your liking
  • Helps in creating slideshows
  • You can add music and titles to your videos
  • You get to split, crop and join movies
  • Add special effects to your video to improve video quality
  • Get to make your own movie

How can you create a video with Movavi Video Editing app?

Creating videos has never been more fun! With this app, you can create amazing videos in just 30 minutes! The best part about the process is that you do not even have to study complicated software in order to use it. The process is as simple as 1-2-3. In order to create movies or slideshows, follow these steps:

a) Add a media file to the program

movavi 2

To start off the process, you need to open a file of your preference. Just click the ”Add Media Files” button. Then select the media file of your choice and click ”Open”. Any file you open will appear on the ”Media” tab. If you are creating a video, you need to place the video on the ”Timeline” and arrange them in a manner you’d prefer them to appear.

b) Split the video into parts

movavi 3


The application has the ability to split videos into parts, allow you to delete any unwanted sections and create a wonderful video of your choice. From your timeline, simply click a clip you want to split. This can be done by dragging the red cursor to the split point and clicking on ” Split clip into two parts” button. You can then opt to delete a part or trim it to your preference.

c) Apply effects to your video

movavi 4

Simply click on the ”Effects” button to gain access to a variety of effects available and select your preference.

d) Make use of the smooth transitions

movavi 5

Use the smooth transitions to join fragments. Just click on the ”Fades” button to access the transitions, pick your preference and place it between the clips.

e) Add titles at both the beginning and end of the video

movavi 6

Click on the ”Title” button to access the list of ready-made titles.

f) Save the project

movavi 7

After completing your project, make sure you save it.

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