Brief Introduction

Moto G5 Plus is the slightly upgraded model of the G5 model, and it considered as one of the best budget mobiles in the Android category in 2017.

This smart-phone packs all necessary features that can satisfy customers who require highly curated phone at a low rate. It is currently a standard budget phone in the US that provides tremendous performance packed with notable features. Lenovo introduced G5 Plus phone in MWC along with counterpart G5.

G5 Plus is only available in US market, and buyers have welcomed this phone with a large number of orders. Android smartphone doesn’t have dominant effect on US market, but G5 Plus is assisting Android to change this scenario in the US.

The sale for G5 Plus has started in the US soil, and it is proving quite successful in the market when compared with other Android phones in the market. Check out the below review to get a detailed view of every section of this affordable smartphone.

G5 Plus Design

G Series phones have never disappointed its customers with its design especially those curvaceous outlook giving it an elegant yet neat look. G5 Plus comes with an upgraded with premium quality body material, and the back portion of the phone is packed with metal body with the smooth top surface.

Although the whole phone is not molded with metal and you will find plastic material on all edges adorned with chrome finish. This new series doesn’t provide the option of the removable cover, and it comes with a 2 in 1 tray for SIM and microSD card located at the top edge of the panel.

Designers have meticulously designed the front panel of G5 Plus as it clouds the entire screen thus protecting the phone from any kind of scratch when it rests. The lower front panel of the phone carries a scanner that goes well with the panel.

G5 Plus comes with a new camera design which depicts circular popping style layout, and it definitely looks better than previous models. However, the tray gives a sluggish look at the top edge, but you won’t be able to judge by first look. This phone comes with old nano-coating for water resistance which is efficient enough to keep away any type of moisture.

Display Screen

Moto G5 Plus comes packed with a whopping 5.2 inch IPS panel adorned by 1080 X 1920 resolution support. Many experts have commended its fluidic display that provides life-like picture clarity padded with vibrant colors, thanks to its 16m color support. The screen has a color temperature around 7989, and gamma score is around 2.21 which are quite fantastic when compared with other current models in the market.

Although on some occasion it doesn’t provide the needed color but overall it gets the job done. It comes with the extra vibrant color mode, and you can switch to that option during viewing pictures or video.

The display provides an excellent performance especially on brightness sector, and many experts suggest that its brightness output is comparable with top notch phone’s brightness. It also features motion detection which allows you to access all the notification with ease when you are not in touch with the phone.


Motorola’s new avatar provides all the modern age interface functionality that one can expect from this highly packed phone. Fascinating gesture control feature has grabbed the eye of many enthusiasts, and you can twist the phone to open your camera. Motorola’s developer has given their user the freedom to customize their gesture control which you won’t find on all phones.

The sensor button can be used for gesture control like swiping left to go back and going right to open recent apps. Overall interface is quite easy and convenient to use, and every user loves its interface supported by beautiful Android Nougat operating system.


G5 Plus features:

  • CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 625.
  • GPU – Adreno 506.
  • RAM – 2 GB, 3GB or 4GB.

The Snapdragon 625 is quite a powerful processing unit that sits perfectly in the budget Android phone and delivers all the needed performance. It comes in three RAM variant along with storage option, but it hasn’t disappointed the experts with its benchmark result.

With every RAM variant, it provides a superb performance, and Moto G5 Plus has scored 63,855 in AnTuTu benchmark score result. The hardware is packed with such precision that delivers a high efficient performance that can easily impress everyone.

Communication Section

Motorola has molded G5 Plus with varied band range, and it supports AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The wireless connectivity is quite robust, but absence of Type-C USB is the little downside of the phone. Overall call experience is quite neat, and the audio performance is exceptional. Due to its extended support for all network carriers it has become an inevitable choice for many users.

Camera Performance

G5 Plus features a 12 MP rear camera which might shock some customers but its performance is better compared to many standard points and shoot camera. The most eye-catching part of this camera is it boasts a dual pixel autofocus adorned by f/1.7 wide aperture that can easily fill a good amount of brightness in the photo.

The front camera boasts a wide-angle 5 MP lens which is padded with pro-mode, beautification mode and an aperture of f/2.2.  The image quality of this camera is quite decent. The color quality is superb and it doesn’t over saturate the photo from any section.

Along with its image quality, the video quality is also satisfying, and astonishingly it supports Ultra HD 4k resolution video recording along electronic stabilization. However, video recording experience is a lot better with lower resolution rate.


With exciting hardware list, Lenovo has also backed this phone with powerful 3,000 mAh battery that can run the phone throughout the day. The battery can easily run around ten hours with moderate usage and an expert has reported that it even provides good performance with heavy usage. The Turbo Power charger allows the user to charge the phone within two hours.

Final Words

Motorola G5 Plus is currently one of the best mid-range phones in the market which has impressed many users and experts. It is a value for money smartphone that delivers whatever its boast except for few glitches. In India, Moto G5 plus 4 GB variant is available at INR 15999 and 3 GB variant is available at INR 14999. It is available on all leading e-commerce site, and it is a must buy a budget smartphone.

Moto G5 plus is considered as a biggest competition to Xiomi Redmi Note 4 which is slightly cheaper than Moto G5 plus. Both the smart phones are suitable if your budget is in between INR 10000 to INR 16000. If you are looking for smartphones below that price range here are the best phones under 10000 you should go for. Make sure you buy them in flash sales on sites like Flipkart and Amazon to save money. Happy Shopping!

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