A tougher screen, longer battery life and waterproofing are the three most desired features Australians want in the new iPhone, according to a survey by eBay. In addition to the hardware aspects of the device, such as the battery and the screen, Apple customers that took eBay’s survey also have some wishes for the iPhone 6’s software. In what can only be seen as a positive for the technological behemoth, users are looking to make their iPhones even bigger parts of their everyday life.

Whether it’s their money, their health or their time, it’s clear that Apple users are looking to the iPhone to help them with many aspects of everyday life. Some would like the new generation of iPhone to function as a mobile wallet, eliminating the need to carry around bulky versions of the money and card storage vessels. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, word on the street is Apple has been talking to major credit card companies to make deals to develop technology for the iPhone 6 that would eliminate the need to carry plastic.

But the synergy between everyday life and phone doesn’t end there. iPhone users want interaction between their iPhone 6 and other accessories, such as watches. Users from the survey also said they’d appreciate built-it health apps to keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to exercise and nutrition, and that they use calendar tools to keep them on top of everything in their busy lives.


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