Xbox is a long-living gaming console. It was first released in November, 2005. And a couple of days ago a new Xbox One has been presented by Microsoft. So what is it and what to expect from it?

Xbox One on the inside and on the outside

Unlike Sony which decided not to show Playstation 4 during the first announcement, Microsoft showed everything: from the photos of the console to the first working prototype. Some of its characteristics have also become known.

Thus, Xbox One has an octa-core processor and 5 billion transistors altogether. Its frequency remains undisclosed, but company says that Xbox One will work on a x86-64 chip, the same as in PS4. Other specifications include 8 Gb of RAM, 500 Gb hard drive, USB 3.0 connectors, Wi-Fi 802.11n module, Blu-ray drive, and HDMI in and out. You will be able to connect another console via the connector and then ask Xbox to show the image from another console via voice control.

The console will be supplied with a new Kinect sensor version which is now provided with a 1080p camera. New Kinect is said to be able to interpret slightest motions and even take your pulse during exercises.

Standard controller has been changed as well. Though it looks like its predecessor, Microsoft has counted 40 differences.

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Microsoft representatives have shared an interesting fact: Xbox One has not one operating system, but three – Xbox OS, Windows core and another core that is responsible for switching between the first two and providing multitasking.

Windows core is intended for applications while Xbox system is for games. Microsoft is also proud of the speed the new console switches among different activities. Movie is replaced by a game in the nick of time, and vice versa.

Screen can be divided into two parts, as in a tablet version of Windows 8. This function is called Snap Mode and its best application (in my view) is the use of Skype while playing a game or watching a movie.

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Xbox Live

Service Xbox Live is worth mentioning as well. Now Xbox One allows recording videos and sharing them with your friends via Xbox Live. Xbox One will have a special interface for recording and editing videos. Another great feature is the possibility to keep game downloads on a server. Previously this feature was available only to paid accounts owners.

Interactive entertainments

Microsoft claims that television will become much more interactive with Xbox One. You can manage your TV set with the help of voice control provided by the console. You may ask what’s on TV and in return be shown a TV program. Then, thanks to the Snap Mode you’ll be able to discuss football games, for example, with your friends in real time via Skype.

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