You need to be careful as you plan to host any event since you will need to make several considerations. For example, you have to find a suitable caterer, venue, as well as ensure that the event has enough facilities for the guests to use. At times even the best of the venues experience a shortage of toilets. It is at such times when you should consider the use of portable toilets. This article is a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about portable toilets and why you should consider them for your outdoor event.

What is a portable toilet?

A portable toilet, just as the name suggests, is a toilet that you can move around easily. It has no connection to a hole like the normal toilets you find in houses. Also, these toilets are not linked to any septic tank nor do they have any connection to a sewer. They are used mostly for outdoor events, in caravans, boats, or even in moving vehicles.

Design of portable toilets

The portable toilets are designed using a plastic material that is highly durable, and they offer you the convenience of using them in any place. The fact that they are light in weight makes it easy for you to arrange them in any configuration. The compact design and extreme portability are important factors that make it possible to use these toilets for any outdoor event –family reunions, sports, concerts, etc.

In spite of the simple design, these toilets come with modern equipment based on your budget. For example, the basic ones will feature a urinal, as well as a hand washing station. In case of the advanced ones, you will expect to find mirrors, sinks, as well as other amenities.

Advantages of portable toilets

Firstly, such toilets are small and compact making it easy to move them from one place another. As such, you can have them in specific areas within your venue with ease. Also, their small sizes make it possible for you to fit in as many units as possible.

Secondly, they do not give bad odor. These toilets are designed with ventilation for reducing the buildup of heat as well as minimizing the bad smell. Additionally, the units are not depended on one another; hence, you do not have to worry about spills.

Thirdly, they offer you much convenience and flexibility. Have you ever hosted an event in a place with inadequate toilets or none at all? It can be disastrous! But with portable toilets, you can host your event anywhere.

Lastly, they have all the amenities that you may find in an ordinary toilet. For example, the advanced ones come with a sink, mirrors, and hand washing stations.

Having enough toilets for your event gives you peace of mind and you can rest assured that your guests will have somewhere to go for short and long calls. The absence of such can make your event a disastrous one. However, a low-cost porta potty rental can save your event.

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