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Many websites like Pandora,Hulu,Netflix are country restricted services.That means,these websites are only accessible from specified countries only.For example,Pandora is a most famous online radio service which is only available within United States of America.

Netflix is one of the revolutionary technology,Which allows you to watch thousands of Hollywood movies and other language movies from your home via internet but It is restricted to countries other than USA,Uk and few more countries.

Being an India,I envy those countries Internet users especially USA because they get to use new technology without any restrictions.But not anymore,Yes UnoTelly is amazing piece of technology which unlocks the internet across the World.


What is UnoTelly

As I tipped earlier,UnoTelly is a amazing piece of technology which allows you to access country restricted websites like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu,Pandora and Thousands other websites.

Why UnoTelly

You may arise the question that : Why not any other VPN service ? Yes,You can use any VPN service but there are plenty of advantages of going with UnoTelly over any other conventional VPN service,Here is why

Blazing Speed

Yes,Believe me.UnoTelly is five times faster than the traditional VPN services,While traditional VPN averages around 3.1 Mbps,UnoDNS can give the speed upto 16.92 Mbps.There wont be any lag while watching Channels like Netflix and Hulu.

No Bandwidth Limit

Unlike any VPN services,UnoDNS doesn’t have any bandwidth limitation.That means you can watch HD videos throughout the month without having to worry about bandwidth.

Multiple Device and OS Support

It doesn’t matter what kind of device you have or What type of OS you use,You can still use UnoTelly.UnoTelly supports multiple devices from conventional PC,Macs to mobile devices like Android Smart Phones,tablets,iPhone,iPads etc.Apart from that you can also setup in Sony Play stations and Smart TV’s.

Good news for Linux users,UnoTelly works perfectly on Linux too.

UnoDNS devices


Privacy and Security

UnoDNS is completely safe and Private.Also it is not prone to DNS Poisoning.DNS poisoning is a nasty trick in which a DNS provider redirects the popular websites urls to spam websites.You wont be having any problem like those while using UnoTelly.

Cloud Network

UnoDNS has many cloud networks throughout the World.For faster streaming users can opt in for the nearest cloud networks.Those cloud networks are powered by AMAZON EC2,Which is trusted by thousands of other online brands.


Try before Purchasing

The pricing of this service is very clear and based on monthly charges.The better part is you can try UnoDNS for 8 days before going for a purchase.

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