A Look at Skipity, the Editor-Based Discovery Engine

by Dan

Internet search engines work well when you know exactly what kind of content you want to find. Many people, however, go online just because they want to find something interesting. They don’t know what that “something” is, they just know that they want to find a website that will entertain them.

Skipity is perfect for those times. Skipity doesn’t work like the typical search engine. It’s more of a discovery engine that can help users find the best content on the Web.

Skipity Editors Pick the Best of the Web for You


With Skipity, surfing the Internet has never been easier. Skipity’s editors browse thousands of websites to find the best content. If a site doesn’t meet their expectations, then it doesn’t get added to the Skipity index. If the editors find great content and professional designs, they add it to Skipity so other people can discover the pages.

Having an editor on your side helps you avoid all of the amateurish, boring junk online. Everyone knows the Internet has plenty of that stuff. Unfortunately, you probably run into it all the time. When search engines give you an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, they aren’t joking. Without an editor, you really need luck on your side to find something worth looking at. Skipity gives you a chance to avoid the junk so you can focus on the best of the Web.

It doesn’t require any work on your part. You just reap the benefits of having an editor choose content that you will enjoy.

Skipity Lets You Choose Your Own Categories

When the editors at Skipity select content for their discovery engine, they tag pages so that they fall into specific categories. That gives you, the user, more control over what types of content you receive.

That’s an important part of Skipity. You choose the categories. The editors choose good pages for those categories. Users even get to decide what types of content they will not see on Skipity.

That means someone interested in health, but who doesn’t care about weight loss, can tell the discovery engine to exclude articles about health and weight loss. Instead, she just gets articles about health that do not include information about losing weight.

Currentl, Skipity has 34 categories:

  • Animals
  • Arts & Design
  • Bizarre/Oddities
  • Business
  • Cartoon and Graphics
  • Celeb
  • Cute
  • Education
  • Essay
  • Food/Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Global Issues
  • Gross
  • Health Fitness and Sports
  • Humor
  • Inspirational and Self-Help
  • Life and Work
  • Mechanical
  • Men
  • Music
  • Nerdy
  • NSFW
  • Painful
  • Parenting
  • Photography
  • Politics Left
  • Politics Right
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Video
  • Women
  • WTF?!?

By choosing categories and excluding others, you get highly customized content that targets your specific interests. When you press the Skipity bounce button, you immediately land on a page that should interest you. That’s a lot better than wading through pages of results that you get from a typical search engine.

Other Skipity Features

Skipity also has other features that make the Internet easier and more fun to use.

When you install all of the Skipity add on features, you get browser icons that:

  • give you Facebook notifications in your browser’s extension
  • a Facebook “like” button that lets you like and share Web content with one click (you’ll never have to copy and paste a URL again)
  • a screenshot function that makes it even easier for you to share things that you find online
  • a feature that lets you download videos from YouTube and other sites to your hard drive so you can watch them whenever you want, even if you aren’t connected to the Internet

Of course, you can choose the features that appeal to you most. The full suite of Skipity tools is so useful, though, that you might as well try them all. It won’t cost you a cent, so you have nothing to lose.

Skipity could change the way that you use the Internet. You’ll probably keep using search engines when you want to find specific types of content, but you’ll always turn to Skipity’s discovery engine when you just want to find something unique and interesting.

There’s never been such a simple, efficient way to discover new things online.

Which of Skipity’s features excite you most? Are there other features that you hope Skipity adds to its suite of products so you can get even more out of the Internet? Let the Skipity editors know so they can make tools that appeal to you.

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