A Look At Modern Cloud Computing: What Has Changed?

by Dan

It seems like only yesterday that cloud computing was considered a revolutionary dream, rather than the popular, highly sought-out platform that it is today. With time, cloud computing technology has advanced considerably. But what has changed in the cloud world? Let’s take a look at some recent differences.


It’s More Popular Than Ever

With time, the popularity of cloud computing is only increasing, rather than decreasing. Even businesses are opting for the security, flexibility, and convenience of the cloud system. Centaur Partners are predicting that there will be a rise in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) area alone, to make this a $32.8 billion service by 2016.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Are Preferred

It would seem that companies like to have the choice of both private and public cloud systems for their businesses. Hybrid cloud solutions give users the best of both worlds, and are the most popular option for many brands. Businesses also seem to like operating between multiple clouds, instead of just sticking with just the one.

Taking Over IT Budgets

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By 2018, cloud technology could make up around 11{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of most enterprise IT budgets. Before we know it, cloud services could really start to dominate the market. Soon we’ll wonder what we ever did without it!

Workloads Executed Through Cloud Systems

Moving away from the traditional system of saving documents to your computer, cloud systems are now offering a layer of safety, if your computer suddenly crashes. Not only will it back-up your work, but it will update your documents in real-time, meaning that you don’t lose anything either. Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems have an integrated cloud service, free of charge, meaning that you can easily access your documents across devices.

A Wide Variety Of Private Providers

There are so many private providers to choose from, if your business is looking for cloud computing solutions. For example, Dell is a popular option. But packages now come with cutting-edge technology and a variety of features. With such a large variety of cloud computing providers, you can shop around and find something that is tailored to your business, rather than resorting to whatever you can immediately find online.

Top Reasons For Cloud Adoption

The top reasons for cloud adoption include cost and time savings across the board. However, some other really fantastic reasons for businesses to choose cloud computing include the flexibility to work across devices, edit with multiple users, and the added security of having everything backed-up online, if there is a power cut or the computer crashes.

Trust Is Growing

Many people and businesses find it difficult to extend their trust out towards other data-handling companies, but with cloud computing becoming more commonplace, this is massively changing over time. You are far more likely to lose work or undergo a security breach without cloud computing, as long as the software on your computers is up-to-date and you’re careful about who knows your log-in details.

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