This article is all about access control systems and which types are available for buildings, as well as how to go about choosing the right one for you. It also includes some general information on CCTV cameras and the benefits of having them installed.

CCTV is common in many developed countries throughout the world and has a range of security and safety benefits to the public and businesses alike. Cameras can be installed in both residential and commercial properties, as well as public locations, and there are different types suitable for each.


A homeowner may wish to install a CCTV camera in order to deter criminals from breaking in to the property or causing damage, such as in the case of vandalism. If a crime is still committed, then the footage can be useful in identifying and convicting the perpetrator and can be used as evidence in court. CCTV can make a homeowner feel safer in their property and can be a worthwhile investment.

CCTV is widely used in many commercial and public establishments, including shops, banks, hospitals and schools, to name just a few. It can help to prevent and identify crimes taking place and is particularly common in retail stores where it can detect people stealing items, causing damage or employees dipping into the till, for example.

Access control is another type of security measure that is widely used in many types of buildings and can complement the use of CCTV very well. The technology allows for selective access to a certain building or part of a building and ensure only approved people are allowed entry. This is common in places such as prisons and government buildings where security is paramount for the safety of the people in or outside.

Permission needs to be granted for someone to enter that building or area and this can be done through the use of logins and / or locks, as well as security personal sometimes manning the entry location. Some access control systems may include high tech features such as voice recognition, fingerprint scanners and retinal scans, as well as other older devices such as key cards. There are many different types available to purchase and the one you go for will depend on the type of building in mind.


Paxton Access Ltd is a top manufacturer for electronic access control systems and can provide a range of security devices for your building. They can advise on the best type to go for and help you to compare these along with costs in order to find one within budget and fit for purpose.

Security is important for many types of buildings and can be a worthy investment. It is a good idea to spend time thinking about and researching the various types of devices available on the market in order to find the right one for your needs. Compare prices to locate the best possible deal and value for money, saving you cash in the process.

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