Digital marketing methodology can be a little strange to the uninitiated. It’s a combination of traditional advertising and math. Algorithms and complex equations are usually part of your digital marketing strategy.


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So how do you make it simple for yourself? How do you know who to target, and how? It can be brought into simple terms for the most part. Some may remain complex behind the scenes, but if you at least understand the principle you should be fine.

So the first thing you have to look at with digital marketing is your advertising. Where are you placing them, and what do they look like? Digital advertising is multi-layered. There aren’t clearly defined boundaries like print and audio-visual media.

Digital advertising can range from video and audio, through to static images or interactive advertising. Even then all these can cross over in some state. The good news is a lot of design assets can be used on them all.

It can keep costs down. It can also show brand consistency too.

Placement of the advertising is very important. We are at the stage where advertisers are learning that consumers will push back against annoyingly placed ads. Controlling your advertising in your own space is your responsibility.

Digital marketing is also heavily about SEO these days. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a way of manipulating search engine algorithms. In theory, it should make a website appear higher in a search engine result.

This type of digital marketing is better outsourced. It tends to work best in volume. Keeping a team of writers in-house to do this work does not make sense.


Social media activity is another type of digital marketing. It is one that consumers directly interact with. This can go from praise and suggestions, to complaints and grievances.

This kind of immediate connectivity is a good thing. Not only can you directly promote to your audience, but you can catch problems early on.

Your social media accounts are your first line of defense when it comes to complaints. It saves the consumer going to through customer services. While the complaint may escalate, a social media account is a good way to head if off before it gets worse.

Sponsorship is also an option for digital marketing, though it does sometimes demand a large price tag. With bespoke video and audio content being so large on the internet, it makes sense to get involved.

This can range from sponsoring or advertising on a podcast, to partnering with a Youtube channel for giveaways and prizes. This all depends on your audience of course. Your business may not be appropriate if you are say, a plumbing company in the middle of nowhere.

Overall, digital marketing is looking to take over advertising. It will continue to expand and evolve in ways physical market cannot. It could be the two will eventually cross over into one.

It’s good to know the basics right now though. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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