There are several desktop applications available that you can use to play poker with real money. But after a long day at work, do you really want to have to turn on your computer just so that you can enjoy a game of poker? What if you want to enjoy a game while you are sitting through your hour long commute on the NJ transit?

You need not worry as if you live in New Jersey and  possess an iPad, then 888 Poker NJ can provide you with you with a high-quality, yet inexpensive poker fix.

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Why I love 888 Poker NJ:

To be fair, I have used the 888 Poker NJ desktop app earlier and I have been extremely satisfied. When I saw that they released an app for iPad, I could not believe my eyes! There are a million reasons why I love this app, however, I will try to be brief in my assessment.

  • Try it out before you play with your own money: As soon as you download the app, your account is credited with $10. With blinds as low as a couple of pennies, you will get to experience the 888NJ Poker App for a long time before you have to start playing with your own cash.

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  • Controlled by a regulatory authority: The app is registered with and approved by the New Jersey division of Gaming Enforcement. Hence the algorithm is completely unbiased and you will have a fair chance to win some real cash!
  • Play whenever against people from all over the world: Wait, this app is only for New Jersey residents. So how can you play against people from all across the globe? This is because the 888 Poker NJ app connects to the 888 Poker servers where people from all over the world log in sharpen their poker skills! Irrespective of what time of the day or night it is, you will always find real people to play against.
  • Flexibility: Do you want to just play a few rounds during your morning commute? Or is it the weekend and you want to test your mettle in a multi-table tournament? 888 Poker NJ has multiple setting such as “Sit & Go” and tournaments so that you can enjoy a game of poker as per your convenience. Waiting for a tournament to begin? Added features like video slots, blackjack and roulette tables will keep you occupied!

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  • Supports iOS 7: If you are not a gadget freak, then chances are that you have still have an iPad that is a few years old. You need not worry as 888 Poker NJ is backwards compatible, all the way back to iOS 7!
  • Easy to use: The layout of 888 Poker NJ is intuitive and extremely easy to use. However, if you do get confused, then help is just a few taps away!

So what are you waiting for? Download 888 Poker NJ and get your poker fix right away!

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