When it comes to website optimization, everything is about SEO. You need to have a good understanding of the best search engine optimization strategies that work for the specific niche you have built your business upon. While SEO is a wide body with many ways one would go with, you need to identify what works, and works best for that matter. Not all SEO strategies are going to work for that particular business you have, some will some won’t, that’s what the web is like.


What you need to do to ensure you make the most of the optimization is to get the techniques that have proven to work over the years, know how best to use them and get the most from them. And to help you do that, here are the top 8 essentials you’ll need when optimizing your site:

1. Go for Long Tail Keywords

Well, keywords are what bring to your site the targeted traffic that will convert or help you make sales. And while people are opting for short tail keywords, statistics have shown that the long tail ones are highly converting than the latter. What happens is that since few bloggers are willing to use these long tail keywords, there will be very low competition for them. And if there is low competition, it automatically means getting such keywords to rank in the first page of the most popular search engines will be but a simple walk in the park.
You can use Google keyword planner to help get the best quality keywords that have low competition and high search volume as well which are the top quality keywords.


2. Create High Quality content

This is where most people face difficulties among all the website administration tasks that need to be carried out. Many times people fall into the temptation of writing their own articles when knowing very well they haven’t quite gotten the basics of proper writing. Creating content needs attention and consideration. You have to make sure that you bring out the exact picture and voice that the article that you’ve published needs to have. You have to be sure that the tone, pitch, relevance to the keyword and theme have all blended well in the article.

If you haven’t mastered that art yet, you can hire a freelance writer in the meantime as you learn to write. There are thousands of places where to can buy articles. Mostly, the best sites are those where you find many other writing services being sold as well, basically, where you can buy essay papers online, press releases, product reviews and other writings.


3. Build Links for Your Site

If you want your website to get noticed and bring in more visitors, then you will want to build links for it. Links will help leave traces in places out there that basically point to your site. And there are many ways you can build links including buying them, although this is not something you want to do. There are quality and legit ways to build links while still illegal ones exist. And what you want to do is to work with the ones that remain within the search engine terms and conditions. What I’d highly suggest you do is to earn your links from quality and authoritative sites in your niche.


But this, you need to note, needs great effort and quality work. For popular bloggers to let you leave links in their blogs, you need to have gained good influence in your niche too. You should also avoid certain poor linking methods like buying links, spamming links everywhere and building links from poor sites which will only get you penalized by engines and to the extreme, get your business banned completely.

4. Optimize Your Site’s Meta Data

By meta data, I mean meta tags and the meta description. These are two powerful tools that will help you boost all the posts and pages you publish and also get to entice searchers to click on your ranked pages in the search engines. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have included your target keyword in your meta tags. This will help engines pick up what your article is about easily and quickly. Then, you will also need to leave your keyword in the meta description and still creatively mix the keyword with enticing words that will get the reader thrilled to want to click on your post.

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You can find the meta data in your site’s admin area. For a good example, if your target keyword is “learn academic writing”, in your meta description you should write something like this: “If you want to learn academic writing, you will want read this.”

5. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Many search engines have now realized that a huge percentage of the traffic that comes into their database daily is usually from mobile devices. So most of them have created two search results for every niche, the normal search results and the mobile search results. What this means is, the search results you get when you are using your laptop aren’t necessarily the same as the ones you’ll get while on your smartphone or tablet. The difference can be explained by the sites that haven’t optimized the mobile friendly aspect of their websites yet. Such sites are excluded from the mobile results since search engines want to give their users better experience.


So you are going to want to get your website very friendly to mobile devices so that you can be ranked well and tap into the massive traffic that flows in daily.

6. Install the SEO plugin

What all SEO plugins do is to help the code work in your site more appealing to search engines. It helps deal with things that are simple yet very powerful in helping your site to rank. Back in the days, it took weeks to code this plugin well enough to have it release the most effect and attract engines to rank your site well. But now, there hundreds of thousands of these plugins that are already made for you. You’ll only need to install them and then have them activated, from there you will be good to go. If you’ve built your business on WordPress, you may want to install the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ plugin.


This is by far the most effective SEO plugin I’ve seen. It comes with much more than the normal code work that others only give. And surprisingly enough, Google loves websites with this plugin and are ranked fast and well too.

7. Add Graphics to Your Site

93{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of all the people in the world are visual. People want to see photos and info graphs explaining more about what you are talking of in your articles. I’ve many people say that they rarely spend more than a minute in a site that has no images or videos. And this is the same notion many folks out there have. You have to make sure that you make your business visually appealing for people to want to spend more time there. Go and get photos, there thousands of them that are free, and distribute them across your site. See that you have at least 2 or 3 images in each post and at least a video. People mostly prefer watching videos of product reviews rather than read about them.
So if you can get a good video that sort of reads the article aloud, this will convert higher than just having plain content put out there.


8. Be an Online ‘Social’ Person

Social platforms are flooded everyday with people who are looking for stuff, others enjoying themselves while others are looking for services. There is approximately 2 billion people in the world going to popular social hangouts every day. And this is untapped potential traffic that could greatly change your business. You need to have at least one account in each of the most popular social networks and a fan page. The reason why you need a fan page is mainly to talk about your business, make people aware of it and get them indirectly involved in it which will then lead them directly to it.


Doing this can boost your traffic and your overall sales or conversions at a rate of 150{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} in your internet marketing site (I’ve seen this happen). So you will want to take advantage of this opportunity very soon before it gets saturated.

And there you have it! These are the main places you need to turn your attention towards whenever you think about optimizing your site. With these gemstones well put in place and continually worked on, they should bring an easily notable change in your website and your placing in the top search engines. So leverage them as early as today!

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